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Pre-Registration Closes September 30th

Only two weeks left to pre-register for Anime Fusion 2014! Save yourself some time and a bit of extra cash for the Dealers Room by registering today! You can sign up online or by mail. If you miss the September deadline, don't panic - there will be plenty of passes available at the door. Registration information: http://www.animefusion.net/site/content/registration

Our pre-registration numbers this year have smashed all of our previous records. It's going to be an amazing convention full of unique events, great anime, and lots of new faces! From all of us at Anime Fusion, thank you for your ongoing support!

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Photoshoot Requests Now Open

We are now taking requests for official photoshoots at Anime Fusion! Organizing an approved photoshoot means our designated photo area will be reserved for your topic of choice at a specific time, and your photoshoot will be promoted in our printed and online schedules so interested attendees will know when and where to meet you. Official photoshoots are the best way to gather the largest group of cosplayers for your favorite series. You can submit multiple requests.

Submit your requests through the Photoshoots form:


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Panel Submissions Close 8/31

Thinking about hosting a panel or event? Programming submissions close in less than two weeks, so be sure to submit your request before then!

Did you know that most panels at fan-run conventions like Anime Fusion are organized by attendees? The Programming department approves and schedules the events, but without attendees like you willing to run them, the schedule would be almost empty. Is there a panel you've always wanted to see at a convention? Want to make sure there's a panel for your favorite series? Submit your idea and claim an hour on the programming grid!

Don't delay; submit a panel today! See the Panels & Events page for more information:


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Artist Alley Full, Dealers Room Open!

Our Artist Alley for 2014 is full and applications are now closed.

However, the Dealers Room is currently open for vendors to apply! We are a young but growing convention; this year we anticipate an attendance of around 1500. We maintain a vendor hall of appropriate size for our event - not too big, not too small - to meet the needs of our vendors as well as our attendees. We are open to a wide variety of products and merchandise. See our Dealers Room page for more information:


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Hotel is Open!

As we are getting to that point in the summer, the Hotel team is here to provide you with all the info you need to reserve a room for our upcoming convention.

Our hotel home is:

Ramada MSP Airport at the Mall
2300 East American Boulevard
Bloomington, MN 55425

If you are reserving via the website, please use: ANIMEFUSE
If you are making your reservation via calling them: CGAF14

Visit the Hotel page for additional information. Thank you all for your patience. We cannot wait to see you all at the convention!

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Room Party Requests Now Open!

Room Parties are a great way to add your own brand of fun to the convention. As a room party host, you create your own little world centered on any topic you choose. Be the headquarters for fans of your favorite series, set up a specialized game room, host your own dance - anything is fair game (within reason, of course). Visit the Room Parties page for full information and to apply!

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Artist Alley Applications Now Open!

For the creative types among us, we are now taking applications for the 2014 Artist Alley. Read the full details and apply on the Artist Alley page:


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Guests of Honor Update!

We have updates to our Guests of Honor for 2014!

I am honored to announce the entirety of Anime Fusions 2014 Guests of Honor:

Lisle Wilkerson
James Hatton
Tia Ballard
Ryan Reynolds
Robert Axelrod
Samurai Dan and Jillian

Visit Guests page to check out their photos and bios!

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Registration for Anime Fusion 2014 Now Open!

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting registrations for Anime Fusion 2014! Visit our Registration page for our online registration or paper form mail-in registration options.

Please email our registration department directly if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

Thank you.

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Guests Announcement!

Hey Fans! We are pleased and honored to announce our first Guests of Honor for 2014:

New guest! Mr. Robert Axelrod!
Returning from year one! the lovely Ryan Reynolds!
Returning also are Samurai Dan and Jillian!

Don't forget to go to our Guests page and check out their photos and profiles. Also keep an eye open for more announcements, we have more to come!


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