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Panel Submissions Are Open

Did you know that most panels at fan-run conventions are organized by attendees like you? There's no better way to improve the programming at Anime Fusion than to contribute to it yourself by running a panel or special event. There's also no better way to make sure there will be panels for your favorite topics. If no one submits them, we can't schedule them, so jump in and share your love of anime with other fans by hosting a panel! Panel submissions will close on August 15th, with acceptance notifications being sent to panelists by the end of August.

We're making several changes this year to improve the panel experience for everyone. See the Panels & Events page for more details and to access the submission form:


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2015 Artist Alley is Full

Wow, that was fast! We've already received enough applications to fill our Artist Alley and max out the waitlist as well. Applications for the Alley are now closed. If you submitted an application and have not received a response from us, email af_art@animefusion.net.

With the increasing demand for space in Artist Alley, we will be reevaluating our process for next year to keep things as fair as possible while providing the best experience for our artists and attendees. You are welcome to share your suggestions with us by emailing the Artist Alley department.

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Artist Alley Applications Now Open

Are you an artist or crafter? Our Artist Alley provides a great opportunity for you to expand your audience and sell your unique works to people eager to own them. We are open to artists of all skill levels. See the Artist Alley page for full details on our policies and procedures, plus a link to the application form. Table space is limited and will fill up fast, so don't delay!


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Video Requests Are Open

Anime conventions are great places to preview shows you're interested in. What would YOU like to see at Anime Fusion? Our video request form is now open for attendees to suggest anime titles for us to show at the convention. Don't delay -- the screening permissions process takes a while, so the request form will be closing on May 31st. Be sure to submit your ideas by then! Note that we can only show anime that is currently licensed for distribution in the United States.

See the Video Rooms page to access the form: http://www.animefusion.net/site/content/video-rooms

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Registration for Anime Fusion 2015 Now Open

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting registrations for Anime Fusion 2015! The current pre-registration price through the end of June is only $30 for all three days of the convention. Click on the "Registration" link on the top of any Anime Fusion website page to get more information and to get started registering. As usual, be sure to review our registration policies as well. Please contact the registration department if you have any questions. We hope you will join us this year!

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Photos from 2014

For those of you who had pictures taken in our photoshoot area at the 2014 convention, our photographer's best shots are now available on Flickr:


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Planning Meetings for 2015 Now Taking Place

We are getting a start on, Anime Fusion 2015: The Future was Then
Planning meetings taking place every month. Come Join us if you would like to be part of the "Awesome."

Check the Staff Meeting Page for details on location and time of meeting, as well as streaming meeting access.

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Convention Wrap-Up and Feedback Form

Thank you all for a great Anime Fusion! This year was our biggest yet, with over 1500 attendees. If you lost anything during the weekend, don't forget to contact Operations to see if anyone turned it in at the Lost & Found. Our deepest gratitude goes to all of our wonderful volunteers and helpers, from those who spent hours at a badging station to anyone who simply held a door for a stranger. You're what makes Anime Fusion a pleasant place to be. We hope everyone had a great time at our third convention and we're looking forward to seeing you all again for Year Four: October 16-18, 2015. Mark your calendar!

Help us make the next Anime Fusion the best it can be by submitting your comments on the 2014 event. We take all feedback seriously, whether it's positive or critical, and do our best to improve our growing convention every year. We're always open to new ideas and suggestions. Send yours to us through the feedback form, now open for use:


Thanks again and see you in 2015!

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Anime Fusion Badge Pick Up

Anime Fusion is coming! Are you ready? Below you will find some basic badge pick up tips.

Registration is located in the main lobby in the hotel, same as last year. You will follow the signs around the staircase and the lines will form where the old arcade used to be. One side will be for walk-up registrations, the other for pre-registered attendees. Due to space limitations, the line split will probably not go any farther back than the doors going into the courtyard. Beyond that, there will be one general line. There will be staffers present to help direct the line; they will help you get into the correct line whether you are pre-registered or are wanting to purchase a walk-up registration. The pre-registered badges will be sorted by last name, into 4 lines. When you get to the front of the pre-registered line, a staffer will direct you to the table that corresponds with your last name. A valid government-issued photo ID is required to be shown for anyone picking up an ADULT badge. If you don't have one, you will be issued a CHILD badge. Something like a school ID or a receipt are valid for picking up a CHILD badge. You may not pick up any one else's badge but your own, even if you have their ID.

IF YOU ARE A SPONSOR: Let a staffer know, regardless of where you are in line, that you are a sponsor, so you can be expedited to the sponsor badge pick up table. Expedited badge pickup is a sponsor perk! Sponsors will pick up their shirts and sponsor goodies at the merchandise table.

TRANSFERS: Ask to be sent to the help desk to be assisted with your transfer. Please have your form ready. It must be signed by the original registrant and the information we have on file must match what is on your form for the original registrant otherwise we can not process your transfer. We will also have forms on-site if you wish to transfer your membership right at the con.

WALK-UPS: We sell walk-up registrations! Our prices are as follows: Friday $15, Saturday: $25, Sunday: $10, and full weekend $40. Day passes are valid until 10 AM the following day. We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Registration opens at 10 AM on Friday and is open until 9 PM. Saturday we are also open 10 AM-9 PM. Sunday our hours are 10 AM-3 PM. Pre-registered attendees can pick up their badges in con-ops when registration is closed. Walk-up registrations will not be sold and transfers will not be processed outside of our normal registration hours.

Look forward to seeing you all at our third year convention!

Scott S.
Your Anime Fusion Registration Head

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Registration Information

Review the following information to make sure you're prepared before heading out to the convention!

Upon arriving at the Ramada, you'll find registration for Anime Fusion in the main lobby past the hotel front desk. You'll need a photo ID to get your convention badge (your access pass for the event). You may not pick up anyone else’s badge but your own, even if you have their ID. We encourage everyone who pre-registered to bring proof of payment in case there are any errors. Registration's hours are:

Friday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Sunday: 10 AM - 3 PM

If you pre-registered, you can pick up your badge in Operations if Registration is closed. For those who did not pre-register, we also have weekend and day passes available at the door. Walk-up registrations cannot be processed outside of Registration's normal hours, so be sure to arrive when they are open! Day passes are valid until 10 AM the following day. The at-door prices are:

Full Weekend: $40
Friday Only: $15
Saturday Only: $25
Sunday Only: $10

Every person is responsible for their convention badge once it has been picked up. We cannot replace your badge if it is lost. If you do lose your badge, we recommend checking with Lost & Found in Operations before purchasing another one. You may not give your badge to anyone else or otherwise allow anyone else to use your badge. If you wish to transfer your membership to someone else, you will need to visit the registration counter and request a transfer. No transfers will be processed outside of normal registration hours.


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