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Thank You for Attending

Here after follows the words from the convention chairman after he was revived from his momentary fatigue induced coma.

I would like to thank everyone who attended this year's Anime Fusion: the Future was Then 2015 convention.
(Copy paste from letter in the program guide.)
Thank yous go out to many people; the hotel Ramada Mall of America (for allowing us to hold the convention in their house), the long list of vendors/dealers/artists (they like to give us stuff for stuff), the airlines (for our guests of honors safe travels), the guests of honor and their guests, the city of Bloomington (for not getting angry with us), panelists (for educating us), D.J.s (you know...), staffers (for all the effort and dedication), department heads (for keeping the staffers engaged), our members (you wonderful people you) and this year's charity Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is a vital support organization that has helped hundreds of people and families. We thank them for their representatives who came to share with us information and resources that can directly impact our community. I'm glad to say that we as a whole raised over one thousand dollars for them in the time span of one hour. Imagine if we had the whole year, what amount we could raise. We do. We as a whole of the Anime Fusion convention and Quad Cities Anime, Inc. in the state of Minnesota have one year to ready and produce an even bigger and better convention. Which includes supporting our charity partners with more money and exposure to help as many people in our greater community possible. I look forward to what we can do.

With that, I thank you. Yes. Thank you. The person reading this, directly or indirectly has contributed to the cause of Anime Fusion. Thanks and good seeing you.

Quad Cities Anime, Inc. Anime Fusion

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2015 Convention Feedback Form

How was your weekend at Anime Fusion 2015? Take a few minutes to share your comments with us through our feedback form. We're always looking for ideas and suggestions from you, our attendees, who make all of this possible. This form is the most direct way for your feedback to reach us as we begin to plan for next year's convention.

The form will be open through November 12th.

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T-minus 1 day, 18 hours, and 38 minutes...

Anime Fusion is only two days away!

Is this your first convention? Check out our new "What to Expect" tip sheet:

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2015 Program Guide

The full program guide is now available for preview online! There have been some last-minute changes to the schedule, so be sure to review it.

Consider downloading the PDF to your phone to have a digital copy on hand during the convention. ^_^ There will still be printed guides available at the con.

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2015 Convention Schedule

The 2015 schedule is now online! Check it out and start planning your weekend!

The full program guide will be posted online for preview closer to the convention.

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Guest Announcement: Lesley Pedersen

Announcing our final Guest of Honor for 2015: Lesley Pedersen! After recording her first voice work as Emily on "Power Rangers Zeo," Lesley went on to voice several anime characters such as Uno in "Gilgamesh," Elana in "Devil May Cry," and Lorenza in "Le Chevalier D'Eon." See the Guests page for her complete bio:

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Panels, Panels, Panels!

The Panels & Events page has been updated with a list of panels being planned by your fellow Anime Fusion attendees. A number of them are open to additional panelists, so don't miss that section of the page! The panel schedule is currently being finalized and will be posted on the website October 1st. In the meantime, check out the panel descriptions and start planning your weekend!

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Guest Announcement: Chris Rager

Anime Fusion is pleased to announce another Guest of Honor for 2015: Chris Rager! His voice acting credits include Hercule in "Dragonball Z," Mr. Torgue in "Borderlands 2," and the Principal in "Assassination Classroom." See the Guests page for his complete bio:

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Guest Cancellation

Regretfully, Michele Knotz will be unable to attend this year's Anime Fusion. We are in the process of confirming an additional guest.

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Guest Announcement: Krystal LaPorte

Anime Fusion is thrilled to announce an additional Guest of Honor: Krystal LaPorte! Krystal has worked on a variety of anime including Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Tamako Market, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, Log Horizon, and AKB0048. See the Guests page for her complete bio:


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