Welcome to Anime Fusion 2020: Trick or Treat!

Hello, and welcome to our new website!

We’re thrilled to bring you this brand new design to accompany our 2020 convention, “Trick or Treat!” There may still be some bugs out there needing to be squashed; if you run into any problems, please notify our webmaster.

Anime Fusion will be bringing you all the spooky things anime has to offer this year with our Halloween theme! Get ready for supernatural horror, fun creepy stories, and of course, candy! We have plenty of treats in store for the 2020 convention to accompany this year’s theme. Look forward to lots of exciting announcements!

You’ll also find a bit of Halloween throughout the year at our traveling room party, which will be visiting MarsCon, Anime Detour, and CONvergence. Find us at one of these conventions for a roadshow registration discount!

Eerily yours,
Heather Bufkin
Convention Chair
Anime Fusion