Artist Alley Applications Now Open


The time has come! Artist Alley applications are now open!

We’re so excited to see all of your art; but first we need everyone applying to read our rules of the alley. If you’ve been in our alley before, they haven’t changed much; but it’s always good to refresh yourself. You can find our rules here: Please, also check out our FAQ! It’s got some great info.

We welcome all artists to apply as we are not a juried alley. We are first come first serve, but with a twist! We have categories! Every artist will be placed into a category based on the examples that they send us. There are 5 categories and 26 available spots.

Based on the amazing feedback we will be having hallway tables again. Please make sure on your form to mark if you have a preference for in the room or in the hallway. We have limited space in the rooms at night for artists to store a portion of their setups. Hallway artists can set their own hours; but you are responsible for setting up and taking down each night. We are not liable for any items you leave out! Our safety team will be patrolling, but it is not their job to guard your items.

The application will be open for 1 month! That means that on June 1st at 11:59 pm, the applications will close. Every year we get artists emailing after applications close; and unfortunately there is not much we can do as we generally get about 70 applications. We would love to have you all; but we just don’t have the room. After closing, the Artist Alley team will take 1 week to look over applications. After the week grace period, you will receive an email with your status. We do have a waitlist. This is also categorized. That means that if say a plush artist drops out, and you are number 1 on the plush waitlist you would be selected.

In your email will be all the details on payment and placement needs. If you have any questions regarding applications or the artist alley, please email

Good luck to you all! I look forward to hosting you in October!

Meghan Wanovich
Head of Artist Alley