Cancellation of Anime Fusion 2020

Our main goal at Anime Fusion has always been to keep everyone safe while we have a great time. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our Board of Directors has been working with the Crowne Plaza, talking to other conventions, and doing research into health and safety precautions. After all our research, we have decided that it just isn’t safe for us to hold a convention this year. We understand that some of you may be disappointed or sad. We’re sad too; but our goal is always to keep everyone safe. We cannot see a reasonable way that we could hold our normal convention without putting our attendees, vendors, guests, and staff, at risk. For these reasons, Anime Fusion 2020 has been cancelled.

As of now, all hotel reservations that were made within our hotel block have been cancelled by the hotel. There’s no need for you to call. If you already pre-registered for 2020, your registration will automatically be rolled over to the 2021 event unless you request a refund or prefer to donate your badge cost. Artists and vendors can expect to receive an email soon about their booths.

Anime Fusion is a relatively small convention. We do not mind that in the least! However, we do run on quite a tight budget every year. All the funds we take in go directly into the convention, and we don’t carry much of a bank balance from year to year. If you would like to help ensure Anime Fusion will be around for years to come, rolling over your pre-registration to next year gives us the funding we need for operating expenses such as storage, web hosting, and our required paperwork as a Minnesota non-profit. You also have the option to donate your registration fee instead of rolling it over to 2021. We value all of our attendees, and if you do need to ask for a refund, we completely understand. We know these are hard times for everyone. We just hope that if you are able, you will help us out by rolling over or donating your registration fee. We also have some other fun and exciting ways to support us that will be announced soon.

If you have already pre-registered for 2020, rollover to 2021 is automatic and you do not need to take any action. All pre-registered attendees will receive an email notification in the near future. If you prefer a refund or to donate your registration fee, please email our Registration department. If you haven’t registered yet, online and mail-in registration are still open (now for 2021) if you would like to support us by registering early for next year. As a non-profit organization, every dollar goes directly into Anime Fusion and its parent organization, Quad Cities Anime.

Lastly, we just want to thank everyone who has attended and continued to support us. Financially or not, your support means the world to us here at Anime Fusion. We hope to see you next year at Anime Fusion 2021: Trick or Treat!