Reminder: Tier 1 Registration Ends Soon!


Happy Monday! We hope everyone’s July is off to a great start. Here at Fusion HQ we are currently plugging away, through the summer heat, to bring you the best convention we cant.


We just wanted to take a quick break to remind you all that it is almost July 15th! You may be asking yourself “what’s on July 15th?” Glad you asked! July 15th is the last day of tier 1 registration prices. This means you only have 4 more days to get the lowest price full weekend badge! Right now, for a full weekend badge you’ll pay just $30. Come July 16th, you’ll pay $35 for that same weekend badge. Might as well save yourself $5 and register now! That’s $5 more you can spend on food, in the dealer’s room, or in the artist alley!


Head over to Registration now to save yourself some money!


We’ll see you in October!

Meghan Wanovich

Head of Marketing