Cosplay Judge: La Vie Cosplay


Good morning, and happy Friday!


Today we come to you with another cosplay judge announcement! Reintroducing La Vie Cosplay! If you’ve been to Anime Fusion before, this name may sound familiar. That’s because these guys were here before. We, and you, loved them so much, we invited them back!


La Vie Cosplay started in 2013, though the duo has been attending conventions for over 20 years. LVC has numerous awards to their name in crafting and performing including the current USA representatives for International Cosplay League in Spain. Together, LVC does a variety of events including charity, small gatherings, and large conventions. The duo is best known for their performances and emcee work including their hit podcast Sh*t Cosplayers Say covering the best of the worst of cosplay and con-going life. Best of all, the goal of La Vie Cosplay is to promote friendship and fun within the cosplay community!


We can’t wait to see you and all our fabulous cosplay judges in October. Remember to stay safe and continue masking in the meantime.


Wash those hands!

Meghan Wanovich

Head of Marketing