To 2022 and Beyond


Thank you again for attending Anime Fusion 2021! It was great to see everyone in person again after our hiatus in 2020. Attendance this year was about the same as the previous few conventions, and altogether around 1300 people joined us at the Crowne Plaza. However, a lot of our badge sales were day passes. We love day passes! We’re happy to have you attend Anime Fusion on whatever type of membership works for you. But day passes do have a smaller price tag, and now that all the dust has settled we’ve found ourselves a little short of the funds needed to cover all our expenses.

To make ends meet and handle upcoming operating costs, we’re working on several fundraising methods, starting with an online merchandise store! Our entire inventory of Anime Fusion merchandise is now available to purchase online, including T-shirts from the 2021 convention which you may have missed. You can also find shirts from previous years to complete your collection, along with general items such as buttons and lanyards. Please help us out by buying some commemorative items at the Anime Fusion Shop!

You can also help by pre-registering for the 2022 convention here on the main website. A full weekend pass is only $25 through December 31st!