Room Party Applications Open!


It’s the moment many of you have been waiting for! Applications are finally open for groups who want to host room parties at Anime Fusion 2022. We know this is very last-minute and we greatly appreciate your patience with this whole process. If there’s still enough time to make plans, we’re happy to provide you a space to get your party on!

What are room parties? Some incredibly generous and creative attendees among us like to host themed parties in their hotel rooms for congoers to attend. They might be open at any time of day, but most often room parties provide additional late-night entertainment, which we’re thrilled to have back at Anime Fusion after the pandemic break. We have a section of hotel rooms reserved for parties close to the Main Events ballroom, so if programming’s winding down and you’re not yet ready to call it a night, you can find other night owls to hang out with in the party block!

First, of course, we need some parties! So if you’ve got a crew and a plan, submit the Room Party Application and let’s get those wheels in motion!