Laughing Rat Cosplay

Laughing Rat Cosplay got her start in 2013, after she attended her first anime con, saw the cosplayers there, and decided that she, too, wished to dress up in silly outfits in public. Since then she has devoted far too much of her limited time in this mortal realm to learning how to turn piles of fabric into cosplay competition pieces. These days she’s known for her seamstressing skills, eye for interesting fabrics, fondness for vintage fashion silhouettes, and for frequently competing with her own original concept designs. She is an adept knitter who favors lacework and colorwork and loves to knit accessories or even entire sweaters for her costumes when appropriate.

Outside of contests, Laughing Rat is an amateur cosplay historian, always looking for new and interesting stories of cosplay and fandom’s early years. In case you were wondering, the 70’s in cosplay were a particularly wild time. An out and (admittedly ironically) proud Disney Adult, she will nerd out about long defunct Epcot rides unprompted. When Laughing Rat isn’t threatening to burn her current sewing project on a pagan altar out of frustration, she’s usually on her couch with something to read and one or more of her pet rats asleep in her shirt.

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