Marcy Edwards

Marcy Edwards is a multi-faceted artist known primarily for voiceover.

Her voice acting roles include Yuka (Blue Period), Yumiko (Yakuza: Like a Dragon), Och Miller (Phantasy Star Online 2), Flopin (Wakfu, Season 3), Dagny Arcand, aka Thunder Hawk (BulletVille), Dogoo Lady (Megadimension Neptunia VII and VIIR), Tacoel/Rose/Erednay (Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser), Lilia/Chiara Coop/Nadia Rowan (Black Desert Online), Netherlings (Torchlight 3), Nevada (Victory Belles), and in other such titles as Werewolf Apocalypse Earthblood and Shenmue III.

Marcy has also been involved in several Wizards of the Coast shows such as Dark and Dicey and DnDW. She mains M. Bison in Street Fighter and also plays Red Deck Wins in Magic: The Gathering because red spells go brrrrrrrrr.