Sartorial Jutsu Studios

Ashley, one half of Sartorial Jutsu Studios, joins our judging panel from right here in Minnesota! Ashley is most known for her award winning custom textiles and teaching workshops. Her sewing and fiber studio focuses on textile fabrication, natural plant dyes, weaving, hand spinning thread and yarn, and costuming. Ashley has recently merged her day job and cosplay life with the creation of Sartorial Physical Therapy & Wellness LLC, which caters to artists, crafters, and fellow nerds. Her husband Lucas, the other half of SJS, is the brain behind “Trivia Jutsu” and has taken over the 3D printing and prop work for this epic duo. Both enjoy teaching, and are happy to be here to share knowledge on ergonomics, self care, safe binding, and similar health and wellness topics.

Please join us in welcoming Ashley as a cosplay judge and be sure to attend Lucas’ trivia panel!

Feel free to give them a follow at:
Instagram: @sartorialjutsucosplay
Photo Credit to: HayleySteinPhotography