Room Changes for 2023

If you’ve been to Anime Fusion before, there are some layout updates for this year’s convention!
  • Con Fuel has moved to a room with more space (and a better power supply)! You’ll find it next to the hotel concessions area in Conference Room E. The panel and video rooms have relocated to accommodate this change.
  • The Reactor Lounge is back! Enjoy some casual hangout time with friends at the center of the convention near the hotel’s front desk. To make space for the Reactor Lounge, Registration and Merchandise have moved to the Copenhagen Room on the far side of the restaurant.
  • Video Gaming has expanded! Arcade cabinets and tournament activities will be located across from the console gaming room in Conference Room H.
  • We have a photo studio again! Cosplayers can get their pictures taken in Studio 3, courtesy of Cosplay Cameos. You can even purchase special effect enhancements!

Make sure you pay attention to this year’s signage and maps!