2021 COVID-19 Policies


We at Anime Fusion want to see in-person conventions return as much as you do, but our primary concern is the safety of our staff and attendees. For the 2021 event, we’ve set the following policies so we can bring anime fans back together face-to-face as safely as possible during the pandemic.

We know that COVID-19 restrictions have currently been relaxed by the CDC and the state of Minnesota, but a lot can happen between now and October. The policies below were written with the strictest potential precautions in mind. These are the most restrictive policies you may encounter at Anime Fusion 2021. As we get closer to the event, we will relax these rules as much as it is deemed safe to do so.

Before you register for this year’s convention, please read the below carefully and be aware these are the policies we may have to operate under depending on the state of the pandemic in the fall. Your registration for Anime Fusion 2021 constitutes your agreement to adhere to the COVID-19 policies set for the event.



  • We are introducing a new attendance option for Anime Fusion – virtual attendance. Click here for more information on the virtual attendance option, which will include a selection of on-site content streamed online at a lower price. Virtual attendees have the option to upgrade to a full on-site pass by paying the remainder of the current weekend price. Upgrades can be done at any time, including at the door.

  • Anime Fusion 2021 has a max attendance cap of 1500 to prevent overcrowding. This is higher than our attendance in recent years, but it is possible we will hit this limit. Registration will be cut off immediately if we reach the attendance cap, both in pre-registration and at the door. Virtual attendance registrations are included in the total, so virtual attendees can still upgrade to an on-site pass even if the registration cap has been reached.

  • All on-site attendees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or provide documentation showing they are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons (or due to age restrictions).
    • Vaccination or exemption documentation must be shown at Registration to receive a convention badge. This information will not be recorded or kept by QCA/Anime Fusion in any way.
    • A general note from your medical provider is sufficient for exemption verification. We will not ask for any medical details.
    • Vaccinations must be dated at least 2 weeks prior to the convention.
    • Anyone who is too young to be vaccinated must have a parent or guardian with them at Registration to approve their attendance.
    • Documentation will only be checked at Registration; attendees will not need to carry these documents after they receive their badge.

  • Face masks that fully cover the nose and mouth must be worn in all convention spaces at all times. Masks may be removed outdoors, or in designated areas while eating or taking photos.

  • While we will do our best to keep our attendees safe from COVID-19, we cannot guarantee there will not be infected individuals on the premises. Anyone who decides to attend Anime Fusion in person does so at their own risk.

  • Anime Fusion reserves the right to revoke the convention badge of anyone who refuses to comply with its COVID-19 policies.


  • Face masks that fully cover the nose and mouth must be worn in all convention spaces at all times. Masks may be removed outdoors, or in designated areas while eating or taking photos. 

  • Areas where masks may be removed will be clearly marked so attendees can make an informed decision on whether to enter these areas.

  • Elevators will be monitored to avoid overcrowding.

  • Table layouts for the vendor rooms will be modified to allow for improved distancing. 

  • Seating in programming rooms will be reduced to 50% to allow for appropriate distancing. Lines will be cut off when rooms are full.

  • Each function space will have a hand sanitizer dispenser near the entrance. Shared programming and gaming equipment will be cleaned between uses.

  • Con Fuel will be open, but will prioritize individually prepackaged items and instant foods. For the 2021 convention, we will not serve rice in Con Fuel.

  • For the 2021 convention, we will not have official hotel room parties.

Again, we will revisit these policies closer to the event dates and relax these rules if it is safe to do so. These are the most restrictive practices you may encounter at Anime Fusion 2021.

Any questions can be directed to the Convention Chair or the Board of Directors.