Guests & Speakers



Brittney (they/she), known as BBDesign in the community, started their cosplay journey in 2004 and never looked back. No mom and dad, they never grew

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Hamster Daydream

Hamster Daydream (Theo) is a multi-award winning cosplayer from Nebraska. They aim to highlight the intricate details you can add to a cosplay, from beading

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Kazha is a rock band founded by a Japanese singer-songwriter Kazuha Oda and a guitarist Hideki Matsushige in 2009. Kazuha and Hideki are ESP Guitars

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Also known as Pippin Panic, Drag King, this cosplayer and funny little guy started making content and performing in 2017 using the name ‘princewelcomematt’. He

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Samurai Dan

Samurai Dan has been training and teaching the martial science of the Samurai warriors for over 25 years. Founder of the Samurai Combative Concepts organization,

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Harisen Daiko

Since 2013, Harisen Daiko has shared the power and energy of taiko with the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota. They can commonly be

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Midnight Minxes

The Midnight Minxes is a fantastical Nerdlesque variety group from all over the Midwest! Composed with multifaceted stage performers with eclectic talents from all shapes,

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Saber Legion

Come check out the Minnesota Charter for the Saber Legion, an organization with a focus on armored LED saber combat! This talented crew will be

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Voice Actors

Greg Ayres

Greg Ayres has been screaming into microphones for close to 22 years now! With over 376 credits to his name, he has managed to play

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