Room Parties


Bring your own flair to the convention. Host a room party at Anime Fusion! Add your personal style and ideas to continuing the fun after hours. Any individual, group, or organization may apply to host a room party. We look forward to seeing your energy and creativity.


Every year attendees at our convention volunteer their time, energy, and resources to create and host parties in their hotel rooms to entertain their fellow congoers. We invite you to attend or host a room party! Room parties are held in a block of dedicated rooms in the hotel assigned to approved attendees running parties at the convention. Most parties focus on a particular activity or theme.


Some room parties cater to all ages, offering snacks and activities the whole family can enjoy. Other parties are aimed at older attendees, serving alcoholic beverages. Any party serving alcohol is required to check ID and serve responsibly. Attendees should always be aware of their limits while enjoying adult drinks.

Party hosts are asked to remember that their parties are in sleeping rooms of a hotel. We make every effort to ensure a fun experience for attendees and hosts by locating parties in an isolated hallway where noise is less likely to disturb people who might be sleeping. However, these efforts can only go so far. Please be considerate of your fellow attendees.

If you are interested in hosting a room party, please fill out a Room Party Application. Be sure to review the Room Party Policies on that page before applying.

Questions? Contact our Room Parties department.