Video Gaming


Game requests are currently OPEN!

Fill out the request form to suggest games for us to have available at the convention!

Chomping bits and smashing pixels! We’ve got your video gaming needs covered. Come check out our arcade cabinets, or duke it out with your friends over a game of Smash Bros. Retro more your style? We will have games for NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, and more! Come play!

Into VR? The Oculus Rift is planned to be available again this year, this time set up exclusively in the console room for casual play. We plan for this to be available tentatively Friday and primarily through Saturday. Beat Saber will be the main focus, but more casual gaming such as Space Pirates, Fruit Ninja, and Job Simulator will also be available.

This year’s theme is “Remastered.” That means video gaming is going to be putting the spotlight on the old school! Have any game requests? Submit the form below!


Fill out the following form to request specific games for the convention, and to give your feedback on our gaming room!


Questions? Email our Gaming department.