The information on this page is from the 2023 convention. It will soon be updated for 2024. Watch our social media or join our mailing list for updates!

Video Rooms


Video requests for 2023 have CLOSED.

It’s all about the anime! Check out a new series or revisit an old favorite in our video rooms. We’re putting together a great selection of titles, from new releases to the classics that started it all. If you’re new to anime, sample the breakout hits that led to the rise of the anime industry in the United States. If you’re a long-time fan of the classics, try out a new show fresh from Japan. There’s no better place to preview anime than an anime convention!

At Anime Fusion, we have two themed video rooms: Classic, showing anime from the early days of yore, and Current, showing anime from the past 10 years. Our video rooms are open from early morning to late night. We typically show the first four episodes of each series. 


Q. How do you decide what anime to show?
A. Our screening list is pulled together from several sources. It includes a researched selection of what’s new and popular, a number of titles that were popular in past years, things that members of our Programming staff think deserve a little extra attention, and of course, suggestions submitted by attendees.

Q. What kinds of things do you show?
A. Currently, we only screen Japanese anime and the occasional live-action title. All titles to be screened must be available for legal purchase on DVD or Blu-Ray. We’re exploring the possibility of streaming anime from the internet, but are not set up to do that at this time.

Q. Will you show (insert anime here)?
A. We’ll do our best. The challenge with screening older anime is that the distribution licenses for a lot of titles have expired, which means there’s no current license holder for the English release to request screening permissions from. Anime Fusion does not screen anything we cannot obtain legal permission to show. On the flip side of the timeline, some anime is so new that it is not yet available for purchase at the time of the convention.

Q. Is the anime in your video rooms subtitled, or dubbed in English?
A. Either. It depends on the anime, what language options are available, and which version is more common. We aim to screen an equal number of subtitled and dubbed shows.

Q. Is there adult content?
A. Anime Fusion does not show hentai, but we do screen a limited number of 18+ titles. All attendees wishing to view an 18+ showing will be required to present a government-issued legal ID at the door (a convention badge alone is not enough). 18+ titles are categorized as such due to extreme violence, language, explicit adult themes, or uncensored nudity. Other titles are assumed to be PG-13, but we can occasionally make mistakes. Parental discretion is advised. Please note that non-explicit nudity (the shape of a character’s body, but without details) is common in anime and does not in itself merit an 18+ rating.


Submit this form to request a particular anime to be shown at our convention. We do our best to fulfill all requests.

Video requests for 2023 have CLOSED.

Questions? Email our Programming department.