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2019 Art Contest Revision

Want another chance to win a FREE BADGE? We have some new information about the 2019 art contest! In addition to badge, program cover/t-shirt, and inside the program guide art we are now looking for a special button art! This button will serve as our sponsor button. Each year sponsors get special perks and a goodie bag filled with Anime Fusion merchandise! For the last couple years, we have been providing a special button that sponsors get in their goodie bag. Our new Merchandise head, Brynn, has decided to bring it back! The size we generally do for this design is 2.25 inches. When making this design try to think of something that fits with our theme and also uses one or more of our mascots. Mascots outfits can be changed too! They just need to be recognizable as the same person. We are looking for a sketch at the moment, but after the deadline the winner will be contacted for the full design. We greatly appreciate a PSD with layers. Backgrounds are not necessary as our designers can create those; but if you would like to add one, go right ahead. Just make sure that all elements are on layers. Sketches submited do not have to be PSDs. These can be just simple scans or a JPG image.


If you missed our mascots, we'll be posting them to our social medias again due to the revision. Please look for them on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at @AnimeFusionCon. If you don't have those, feel free to email us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net and we can send you a handy PDF with them all. When you're done and want to submit your design you can email us at that same email with the file. You can submit as many as you'd like; and you can enter our other categories too if you would like! The post for that should be right beneath this one. 


Please note that any finished artwork submitted to us will become the property of Anime Fusion. It can be included in your portfolio, but not used for any other purpose outside of the convention. If any of your finished artwork is chosen for use you will be credited for your work, and given a badge as a token of our thanks. 


Remember, send us your sketches before the deadline which is June 21st! If you have any questions at all, please email us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net or DM us on any of our social medias.

Meghan Wanovich

Head of Marketing