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Art Contest: Anime Fusion 2020!

It’s time for a new contest! Every year Anime Fusion uses local artists to create our marketing, merchandise, badge, and program guide art. We usually run a contest to find artists. In the past we have offered free badges for each category of art: meaning if you submit and win for example badge art, you would win a free badge for that year’s convention.


This year we want to raise the stakes. We’ve always been about supporting our local anime community and helping it grow. Unfortunately in the past all we have been able to offer is a badge for compensation. For 2020, that’s changing. Our new mission is to find one artist to do all of our art (badge, t-shirt/program guide cover, sponsor button, and marketing) in exchange for a FREE table in our Artist Alley. That includes your table for the weekend and two badges for you and a helper. 


I know the task at first may sound daunting, but each art can be turned in at separate times during the year after we choose a winner. For instance, the marketing art will be something we need soon (mid September 2019); but the t-shirt art isn’t needed until August 2020. This gives you a chance to space out your work and not feel so rushed. We would hate to pile too much on your plate!


Currently we are asking for applications. Your application should include your portfolio, your name and birthdate (must be 18 to participate), and a sketch of one of our mascots in the 2020 theme. 2020’s theme is...TRICK OR TREAT! Why not celebrate Halloween two weeks in a row? We want you to be creative with it. We’re imagining witches and vampires; or maybe zombies and fairies! We will post our mascot images to our Facebook and Instagram (@AnimeFusionCon). You can also email AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net for these references as well. 


Applications are due by August 24, 2019. Please email your applications to AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line via email, Facebook, or Instagram. 


*Please note that Artist Alley table is for Anime Fusion 2020.


Meghan Wanovich

Head of Marketing