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Fusion Friday: 2019 Art Contest!

Happy Fusion Friday! Today we will be talking about the yearly art contest we run. Every year, we look for a local artist to create our badge, t-shirt/program guide, and additional program guide art for us. We reward the winners (every art that we choose to use) with a free badge to the upcoming convention! We also give you credit in the program guide (and on the back of the badge for the badge art winner). This is a great chance for just starting out artists to get their name out there! Keep reading below for more information on specifics and how to enter!


You can submit artwork for as few or as many uses as you like. Please note that the final version of each piece must be digital art with clean lines in order for us to use it. Photoshop format with layers is preferred.


We will make an effort to use as much of the finished artwork that is submitted to us as we can, whether in other merchandise, signage, or parts of the program guide, but we don't want anyone to sink a bunch of work into finishing something huge that doesn't get chosen for its intended purpose. To that end, we would like you to submit simple sketches of your plan for each piece by June 21st so we can choose which art will be used for which purpose.. We're all looking forward to seeing what you come up with!





Anime Fusion uses multiple categories of badges, each with its own design. The submitted artwork is overlaid on a background created by our badge designer, so all artwork must be in layered Photoshop format with transparency. Most badge art consists of a character/one of our mascots dressed and/or acting in some way that relates to the convention or its current theme. This year's theme is "Infinite Possibilities". This theme idea started as superheroes and evolved into Infinite Possibilities. We wanted to have this theme instead to show that anyone can do anything. The color scheme of the artwork should mesh well with the background color of the badge. We have two new categories of badges, so please read even if you have entered previously! The different badge categories are:


Adult (Blue)

Minor (Yellow)

Child (Red)

Artist (Purple)

Dealer (Green)

Exhibitor (Orange)

Guest (Pink)

Sponsor (Gray)

Staff (Black)


Try to avoid a design that requires the art to be nested in the corner(s) of the badge. It should be free-standing, or along the bottom is also fine. Badges will be 4" wide by 3" tall, in landscape. 2550x1950 pixels. Artwork should be made to accommodate this size or larger (can reduce to fit layout if necessary). Credit for artwork used will be printed on the back of each badge in the credits section; and in the program guide.





We'd like to liven up our program guide a bit with small illustrations scattered throughout the guide. These would ideally be related to the different areas of the convention that are featured in the guide. For example, on the Dealers Room page, we could have a character carrying a bag of plushies. The current sections of the program guide are: 




The Reactor Lounge (casual hangout space)

Hospitality (rice, ramen, and other snacks)

Tabletop gaming

Video gaming


Dealers Room

Artist Alley

Masquerade (cosplay contest)

Room parties

Autograph sessions


Video rooms


These drawings need to be in grayscale with a transparent background. Basic lineart is also acceptable for this. Everyone whose artwork is used will be credited in the program guide.




These two count as the same category as we use the same art for each.  Our program guide is 8.5" X 5.5". We can size up for t-shirt art; so please stay to these dimensions. This is our big yearly art, so it should really have a bang to it. Remember, our theme is Infinite Possibilities. As mentioned above, it started as an idea about superheroes and moved into a more diverse direction. Again, we just want line art at first as we know this is a bigger undertaking and will require more effort. Please try to limit your design to fewer than 12 colors if possible. This should try to feature our main mascots. You can find our mascots on Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net.




There are always a few unexpected things that pop up that could use fresh artwork. For example, we might create some new merchandise or special signage. I can't say exactly what we might need, but if you have any random ideas, feel free to submit sketches for other designs aside from the specific ones we're looking for. 



Again, you can submit artwork for as many or as few of the above items as you like. Please use the Anime Fusion mascot characters in as much of your artwork as possible. You can find the mascots by visiting our Facebook or Instagram, or by emailing us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net. You are free to draw the characters in your own style, with different clothing etc, as long as they are recognizable as our mascots. The third mascot (with green hair and the purple tanktop) is most often used to represent convention staff.


Please note that any finished artwork submitted to us will become the property of Anime Fusion. It can be included in your portfolio, but not used for any other purpose outside of the convention. If any of your finished artwork is chosen for use you will be credited for your work, and given a badge as a token of our thanks. 


Please email us with finished sketches or any questions at all at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net. You can find all our mascot art on our Facebook or Instagram; or by emailing us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net.


Good Luck!

Meghan Wanovich

Head of Marketing