Monday, October 21, 2013 - 7:11pm

I'd like to thank you members who came to celebrate with us. Thank you for showing your support of Anime Fusion: Best of Both Worlds. We hope you had fun and made some new friends during the three days. I'd like the volunteers to know that we are very happy and grateful for their help in badge station monitoring, hospitality serving and general running around and helping staff that requested assistance. Thank you, each person who gave a moment of their time to better the experience for everyone. I would like to thank my staff without whom I could not entertain the nearly twelve hundred members on my own for the duration of the convention. Each department performed admirably and as well as expected. I am very thankful.

So wouldn't you please join us for Anime Fusion: Otaku Takeover! on October 17-19, 2014 at the Ramada Bloomington MoA? I look forward to seeing you again and more friends as we once again celebrate Anime, Manga, Games and music from Japan. Preregister early for a discounted rate and don't forget to tell the Hotel reservation taker that you're part of the Anime Fusion group for a discounted room rate when you stay. We will have the site updated soon with a new and clean look. We'll provide easier access to all points of the site along with more ways to connect and contact the department that you would want to ask questions of or get updates from. We can always take on more interested persons who have the drive and honest ambition to make Anime Fusion better, by joining staff. Some perks are worth the effort. As always, for our Volunteers, there will be opportunities to assist and trade in hours served for cool swag and recognition.

Thank you all, very much. Without the support of your presence and contributions we could only dream of the fun that is Anime Fusion. Being there is so much better.

Respectfully and graciously, thank you.

Christopher Picotte
Quad Cities Anime: Anime Fusion
Convention Chairman