Anime Fusion 2017 | DoubleTree Park Place - St. Louis Park, MN | October 20th - 22nd, 2017
Attendee Panels

Programming is what keeps Anime Fusion busy! It's everything from guest Q&A sessions to craft workshops. In addition to special events like karaoke and the costume contest, our programming rooms will be filled with fun fan-run panels and activities. That's where you come in! Programming is every attendee's chance to be part of the action at Anime Fusion.

Want to talk about why your favorite show is the best? Looking to demonstrate the uses of different costume prop materials? Want to compare classic action heroes to new action heroes? Submit a panel!

Did you know that most of our panels are run by fans just like you? Conventions like Anime Fusion rely on their attendees to fill a large portion of the programming schedule. The best way to make sure there will be a panel for your favorite topic is to organize one yourself. It's an easy and fun way to get involved in the convention.

Panel submissions are currently closed. The following partial list of panels are open to more participants, so there's still time to join in. See something you like? Click here to email the Programming department and we'll get you in touch with the organizers!

The full convention schedule is now online! Click here to start planning your weekend!

All You Need to Know About Dakimakuras with Jimmy
A panel about body pillow covers. Learn about various dakimakura circles. How to spot fakes/bootlegs and bootlegger websites. Where to buy, and navigating Japanese websites. How to use proxy and forwarding services to obtain your imported goods.

Anime Pitch! with Nick Thyes and Travis Kielpikowski
The hosts of the UGO podcast wanna hear your ideas for an anime! Come and play some “Anime Pitch” with us. Use your cards(and creativity) to create a title based on the given premise and win a prize provided by the UGO podcast. Check us out on iTunes

Boys' Love Jeopardy!! with Matcha and Althea
Welcome to a team game of Jeopardy, where all questions relate to the genre of boys' love - whatever your flavor may be! Come to play, or to learn as we dive head first into the titles, authors, terminology, culture, and history which make this topic.

A Day of Dark Magic with Honey, Karou, Hikaru, Nekozawa, and Mori
What happens when the twins and Nekozawa get together for a day and Honey is brought with? Come join us as we see what mischief they get into.

Death Note Mafia Game with Paul Milligan
Death Note characters take the roles of this interpretation of the party game where you must work with a team who could betray you at any time.

Fairy Tail Tells All! Magic Edition with Levy McGarden and Gildarts
Welcome back to the guild hall, this year we are starting something new! Come discuss your favorite magic styles from the fairy tail world. Have a Q&A with us, and try your hand at the small raffle we will have at the end of the panel.

FusionStuck with Mouch, Renegade, and Alex
Come ask questions, play games, and join a pickup line competition with your favorite characters from Homestuck!

Geek Trivia Contest with Nick Thyes and Travis Kielpikowski
The hosts of the UGO podcast (Unapologetic Geek Out) will test your geek knowledge of movies, cartoons, anime, video games and all things geek related. Prizes provided by the UGO podcast. Check us out on iTunes!

Homestuck's Dead, But We're Still Here with Renegade, Alex Scellick, and Zoe Ries
The Kids are here! Come hang out with the Beta and Alpha Kids! We'll be hosting games and answering your questions!

Kinda Crystal Gems with Lana, Rachel, and Teresa
The main gems are gone, and the background characters are left to run a panel. Join Stevonnie, Padparadscha, and Rose to play games and have fun!

Kpop Dance Panel with Aleera, Cecilia, and Jackers
Come dance to all of your favorite kpop artists! The first half of the panel will be learning how to dance to the chorus of a kpop song...I wonder which one?!? The second half of the panel will be the random dance challenge!!!

Let's Henshin! (Transform!) with Daniel Lee
Learn transformation poses from a long line of Japanese superheroes!

MNAPIC @ Anime Fusion 2017 with MNAPIC
Come join us and watch some brilliant performances from some of Minnesota's con-attending Asian pop idols! With music varieties from Vocaloid to Korean pop, many idols around the state unite at this very event to showcase their talents!

RWBY: Grimm Academy with Alie, Alisha, Nikki, and Ruth
We are the Grimm. We are misunderstood! Join us as we explain why Grimm discrimination is a real problem in Remnant. Meet the new headmistress and current students, watch the latest episode, play games, win prizes, but most of all let's have fun!

Surviving Cosplay Masquerades with MysticSynthesizer and Carson Whitaker
Come learn how to survive a cosplay masquerade from award-winning cosplayers!

"Tales Of" 101 with AdaxialAbraxas
A panel for fans old and new of the 'Tales Of' series of JRPGs.

Yuri Club with YuriPaddle
Love girls who love girls? Don't we all? Join us for another year's discussion of that love.

Contact Programming if you'd like to help with any of the above panels. Note that this is only a sample of this year's lineup. The full schedule will be posted in early October. Be sure to review the FAQ page for more information. Other questions can be sent to the Programming department at