Anime Fusion 2017 | DoubleTree Park Place - St. Louis Park, MN | October 20th - 22nd, 2017
Panel Requests

Looking to host a panel at Anime Fusion? Submit your request here! Due to scheduling constraints, not all panels will be accepted. Organizers will be notified if their panel is accepted later in the year. In cases of limited availability, preference will be given to panels that fit the theme of the convention or the overall mission of Anime Fusion.  Our panel submission forms will be opening in May.  Please check back here then if you are interested in running a panel.

The name of your panel, to be printed in all scheduling materials.
A brief summary of your panel, to be printed in the program guide and displayed on the website. Limited to 250 characters.
A complete description of what you plan to do at your panel, to be reviewed by Programming staff. In cases where multiple people submit requests for the same kind of panel, preference will be given to the organizer with the more complete plan.
The series, movie, game, etc. that your panel is about, if any. The Programming team uses this information to avoid schedule conflicts with photoshoots or other panels for the same fandom.
Will the content of your panel be appropriate for everyone? Attendees of 18+ panels will be carded at the door and all panelists must be over the age of 18.
If your panel is rated 18+ and we run out of space for adult panels, are you able/willing to run your panel as an all-ages event? (This will NOT affect your chances of getting an 18+ panel -- it only comes into play if we are already maxed out on adult panels when yours comes up on the list.)
All panel rooms will have a table for the organizers. If your audience will also need a surface to work on (for a craft activity, or similar) select the Classroom setup. Note that room assignments are on a best-effort basis and are not guaranteed.
If we cannot give you the room setup you requested, can you run your panel or event in a different room? If your panel will only work in the type of room you specified in the previous question, do NOT check this box.
The full legal name of the primary contact person for your panel. This person will receive all communication regarding this panel.
An email address where our Programming staff can contact the organizer.
(Optional) If you don't want your real name printed in the program guide and displayed on the website, enter your nickname or alias here.
If you have additional people who will be on the panel with you, enter their legal names here.
If your additional panelists do not want their real names displayed to the public, enter their nicknames here. Be sure to keep them in the same order as the previous list.
If other attendees ask to join your panel, may we put them in touch with you?
Are there any days or times when you will NOT be able to run your panel? If you are on multiple panels, do you need extra time between them? Please answer in complete sentences so we can clearly understand your requirements.