The information on this page is from the 2023 convention. It will soon be updated for 2024. Watch our social media or join our mailing list for updates!

Registration - Groups


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Group registrations are offered for groups of 8 people or more. We offer $5 off the current individual registration price per individual registering with the group.*

To qualify for the group registration discount, you must have 8 or more people in your group attending Anime Fusion. You must complete the group contact form, the list of group members registered form, and an individual registration form for each person. Please submit only one check or money order for the total amount to Quad Cities Anime Inc. At least one person in the group must be 18 years of age or older, and listed as the group leader.


  1. Each person must fill out an individual registration form.
  2. The group leader must fill out the below forms. The group leader must be at least 18 years old.
    • a. Group Registration Form
    • b. List of Group Members Registered
  3. Please verify and re-verify all information.
  4. Make a photocopy of all paperwork for your group registration and bring it with you to the convention.
  5. Please submit one check or money order for the group. Please make it out to Quad Cities Anime, Inc.
  6. Submit the registration packet by mail. Include the two group registration forms along with an individual registration form for each group member. All group registration packets must be postmarked by September 15th when mail-in registration closes.
  7. Photo ID must be shown to pick up the badges at the convention. The group leader is able to pick up badges for group members who do not have photo ID.

Click here to download the Group Registration Form and Group Members form.


  • Group registrations are available as a mail-in only option.
  • Triple check that all forms and paperwork are included in your packet. We will not make additions to a group registration once it has been received.
  • Please make copies of your forms and proof of payment in the instance that any issues arise with your registration. If we have no record of the group registration and proof of submission/payment cannot be provided, your group will not be issued badges.
  • Please make sure that your packets are postmarked before mail-in pre-registration closes. Packets received after the close of pre-registration (September 15th) will be returned to the sender.
  • Anime Fusion reserves the right to not process any registration it receives if they are incomplete/illegible, and will return them to the sender for correction.
  • If the group members are under the age of 18, then the group leader must pick up their badges.
  • Photo ID is required in order to pick up badges.
  • Group Badges will be available to be picked up in the Family Pack, Group, and Sponsor line.


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Minneapolis, MN 55413

Questions? Email our Registration department.