The information on this page is from the 2023 convention. It will soon be updated for 2024. Watch our social media or join our mailing list for updates!

Registration - Transfers and Rollovers


Looking for general registration information? See the main Registration page.


If you would like to transfer your membership to another person, you must fill out the membership transfer form.

This form must be filled out entirely with the information requested. The information for the original registrant must match the registration we have on file, or we may deny the transfer. The form MUST be signed by the original owner or the transfer will not be processed. Only the person’s name who appears on the original registration has the ability to transfer it, regardless of who actually paid for it. Once transferred, the new owner becomes the person that is listed in Section B of the form and the original owner will no longer have any rights to it whatsoever.

Once completed and signed, there are a few ways of getting it transferred and processed:

  1. Mail it to the address on the form. (through September 15th ONLY)
  2. Scan the form and send it to the registration department email address. (through September 30th ONLY)
  3. Give it to the person you want to transfer your membership to, and have them transfer it at the convention.

Options 1 and 2 are available only when pre-registration is open. Once pre-registration closes, pre-con transfers will no longer be processed, and any further transfers must be done onsite at the convention.



If you find out you can’t attend, you can roll over your membership to the following year. This year, we will accept rollovers prior to and up to Friday, October 13, 2023. After that, you will not be able to roll over your membership, and your registration fee will be considered a donation. 

If you would like to roll over your membership, please email the registration department with your full name, address, phone number, email address, badge name, and date of birth, matching what you originally registered with, along with your request to roll it over to the next year. For security and verification, this information must match what we have on file. Only the person whose name appears on the registration may initiate a rollover or otherwise make changes to the registration information, regardless of who actually paid for it. 

Questions? Email our Registration department.