Virtual Attendance


Can’t make it to Anime Fusion in person? Not sure if you want to attend? Never been to a convention before and trying to figure out what’s going on? No problem! We’ll bring the convention to you! Minus the crowds, of course…

Buy a virtual badge and catch all the Main Stage action during the convention. We’ll have a live broadcast of every panel and event on the Main Stage for your viewing pleasure. If you feel like converting your virtual badge to a physical one and showing up at the hotel, we can help you make that happen, too. Either way, you’re getting the Anime Fusion Experience!

Virtual attendance allows anyone anywhere to enjoy a selection of Anime Fusion’s programming online through a simultaneous livestream. We are not able to stream all of the convention’s content, but there will be at least one full programming track of panels for all hours that the convention is open. The virtual side of Anime Fusion is still in the planning stages and we will add more features as we’re able to. Registration for a virtual badge is required to access any online content. 

If you decide you’d like to attend in person after all, virtual attendees have the option to upgrade their membership to a full on-site weekend pass at any time. Simply pay the difference between the virtual pass and the current weekend registration price, and enjoy everything in-person attendance has to offer! Virtual attendees will be included in any registration cap, so there’s no risk of losing your chance to attend if the convention sells out.

Virtual Attendance: $15.00
Upgrade to In-Person Weekend Pass:
$20.00 until July 15th
$25.00 until September 30th
$35.00 on-site at the event

Anime Fusion’s virtual attendance option is managed through Discord. You will need a Discord account to access our online content.


This form can be used to register one individual for a virtual membership to Anime Fusion (online livestream content only). This membership does not include access to the on-site, in-person convention. Click here to register if you plan to attend in person.

All payments are processed through PayPal. We do not collect or store any of your banking information.