Anime Fusion 2017 | DoubleTree Park Place - St. Louis Park, MN | October 20th - 22nd, 2017
Video Gaming

The Anime Fusion Video Game Department is proud to announce our schedule for Anime Fusion! We have several big events, as well as challenges available all weekend long.

Friday Night Fights:
Ready, FIGHT! This event is for those who love the fighting game community. Do you love the smack talk? Do you still get chills when re-watching Daigo beat Justin? Then this is for you! We've got fighting games spanning multiple console generations. Throw down with the best, try your hand at a few pickup games, and have fun with fellow enthusiasts! Also, don't forget to stick around for...

Starting around 10:00, we will be converting Friday Night Fights to MORTAL MIDNIGHT. It's late night Mortal Kombat, in all the right ways! We'll start with MKX, and move to the classics as people request. Nothing like old school fatalities to end the night!

Saturday Morning Gaming:
Do you remember waking up super early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons? We do! We also remember the classics in gaming, too! Bring the young ones to Video Gaming to experience some more kid friendly titles! We'll have some racing, platforming, adventure, and other awesomeness. It's just how you remember it, nintendo-hard and all!

Super Smash Bros. U:
The grand stage is back! Practice your ledge grabs, ready your smash attacks, and throw down everything you've got! Smash U is back with a vengeance, and it's time to raise the bar!

Random Tournament:
You've seen it at Anime Detour, and now it's at Anime Fusion! The lineup is prepped and ready to have you scratching your head at the game you're about to play. You have not lived until you have played competitive Burger King Pocketbike Racer. Yes, it is a thing.

idnight without their parent or guardian.