Anime Fusion 2017 | DoubleTree Park Place - St. Louis Park, MN | October 20th - 22nd, 2017
Video Gaming

The Anime Fusion Video Game Department is proud to announce our schedule for Anime Fusion! We have several big events, as well as challenges available all weekend long.

Friday Night Fights:

Ready, FIGHT! This event is for those who love the fighting game community. Do you love the smack talk? Do you still get chills when re-watching Daigo beat Justin? Then this is for you! We've got fighting games spanning multiple console generations. Throw down with the best, try your hand at a few pickup games, and have fun with fellow enthusiasts! Also, don't forget to stick around for...
Friday events

Start off the weekend with a hefty dose of Nostalgia with our platformer Showcase at 3:00pm

Retro Platformers - The Good, The Bad, and The Weird
Everyone knows Mario and Sonic, but this is not for those games! We're diving into the world of retro platformers with some games that are seriously off the beaten path. One is good, one is bad, and one is just plain weird. We're jumping between NES, SNES, and Genesis for this showcase. By the time we're done, you WILL want to launch the cow, again and again and again! Stick around, this is one wild ride!

Friday Tournament: Starting at 6:00pm (expected run time until 9:00pm)

  • - Mario Kart -
  • We are going to take you on a Tour of one of the greatest racing franchises of all time from its humble beginnings on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System all the way to Wii U we will race you though Mario Karts many amazing entries over the decades. If you want to re-live the days before the blue shell or revel in the Luigi Death Stare come on in and race to that checker flag.

Saturday Events:

Saturday brings us two amazing showcases at 11:00am and 1:00pm:

  • 11:00am - Showcase:
  • Digital Pinball - You're not METAL enough!
    Japan saw two Digital Pinball games released on the Sega Saturn in the mid-90's. Only one of them saw release on American shores, but now you can try out both of them! These games feature some seriously awesome music, great aesthetics, and fun challenge. You haven't seen anything like this, and you won't want to miss it!

  • 1:00pm - Showcase:
  • Split Second - Explosive Racing Action!
    This is not your daddy's racing sim. No way! This is SPLIT SECOND!!! Jump, draft, and drift your way around the track, build up power, and wreck your opponents. Change the course of the track and cruise to victory! Had enough of race mode? Maybe some survival is more to your liking! We're going to play it all! Whatever you do, take the wheel and drive!

  • 4:00pm - Tournament
  • Super Smash Brother Universe (expected runtime Until it is finished!)
    Come battle it out in the most recent entry in the Super Smash Bros franchise. Tournament rules to be posted on site at the Hotel. Come sign up and battle it out.


  • No Showcase on Sunday

12:00pm (Noon) Tournament (expected run time 2-3 hours of fun)

  • Gamers Cup!
  • Do you consider yourself a gamer? Do you long for the good old days of gaming,? Well come on down and test your mettle as a gamer. Battle through the last 30 years of gaming in our Gamers Cup, each set of rounds will take you to a different game going back in time. We raced Forward in time with Mario Kart, now lets race back with a host of iconic games. All the games save the first will be a mystery, The opener will be announced at the convention.

Other Gaming Features:

Come check out our selection of Arcade consoles provided by a local collector. He has spent years forming his collection and up-keeping it, lets keep our stuff nice and have some fun with some rhythm games!
At any time we don’t have an event scheduled come check out open gaming, we may feature some games up on our main screen so swing by and check them out.