Anime Fusion 2017 | DoubleTree Park Place - St. Louis Park, MN | October 20th - 22nd, 2017
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Website Construction In-Progress

We are working hard to bring you a better website experience. We appreciate everyone's patience as we go through this transition. Please be aware that not all features of our new website are available yet, but we are working on them and will have them available as soon as they are ready.

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Join the conversation... #AnimeFusion2016 on Facebook and Twitter

We're so excited to have you all attend Anime Fusion this year and we want to hear how excited you are as well. We've created a new hashtag that you can use on Facebook and on Twitter to share your excitement and experiences with everyone else at the convention. Just use #AnimeFusion2016 to join the conversation and see what others are talking about as well.

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Badge Pickup Procedures

With the convention just days away, I'm sure you are all wondering about how badge pick up is going to work this year, since we are at a new hotel. Well, badge pickup is more or less the same, the only thing that has changed is where the registration department is located. Registration is located on the 2nd floor Atrium, which is on the far side of the pool area. There will be signage to direct you to where we are.

As usual, there will be a pre-registered pick up section, and a walk-up registration section. Staff in the area will direct you to where you need to go.

Pre-registrations are sorted by last name. Please have your ID ready to expedite the check in process. If you are picking up an Adult badge, a valid government issued photo ID is required (driver's license, state ID, military ID, or passport). If you do not have one, you will be issued a Minor badge. As always, please bring proof of payment (PayPal receipt) should issues arise.

We accept walk-in registrations, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The prices are as follows: Full weekend - $40, Friday only - $15, Saturday only - $25, Sunday only - $10. Day passes are valid until 10 AM the following day. We accept cash, check, and credit card. If you are paying with cash, please have exact change when possible.

Thanks, and see you this weekend!

Anime Fusion Head of Registration

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Program Guide Now Online!

Anime Fusion is less than a week away! We've uploaded a PDF of the program guide to give you a sneak peek at everything that will be going on next weekend. All the information you'll need to have a great Anime Fusion can now be downloaded right to your phone or tablet. Check it out, but don't forget to also grab a printed version at the convention to participate in our special fifth-anniversary stamp challenge!

Click here to download the PDF!

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Special Events

The schedule PDF has been updated to include a few special events!

Anime Scavenger Hunt
When: Friday, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Where: Lower Atrium (Reactor Lounge). Look for a meetup sign in the back left corner.
What: Have fun running around the con looking for things like ninjas and Pokemon! List of items to find and prizes will be included.

Ultimate Werewolf
When: Friday and Saturday, 10:00 PM
Where: Lower Atrium (Reactor Lounge). Look for a meetup sign in the back left corner.
What: A game of deception. Will you survive the night?

Swap Meet
When: Saturday, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Where: Hotel restaurant. The raised area behind the railing on the left will be reserved for this event.
What: Do you have con swag from mystery bags, gifts, or old collections that you have kept just because? Is there an item you would give your entire collection of anime to find? Do you just want to see what other people are willing to get rid of? We have an event for you! Bring your items/wish list to Anime Fusion’s annual swap meet! Swap items with fellow congoers and turn those “meh” items into something you really want.

Click here to review the full schedule! You may need to refresh the page to see the new notes under the grid.

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2016 Schedule Now Online!

The convention schedule is now available! Check it out and start planning your weekend!

Those of you who have been to Anime Fusion in the past will notice some changes to the schedule this year. Due to the unexpected change in hotels, we have one less panel room than usual for the 2016 convention. To fit in more of the great programming you know and love, we've shortened the time between panels to 15 minutes for this year. Please be aware of these time constraints and make sure rooms are cleared and ready for the next panel to start on time. We plan to be back to our regular schedule next year, and ask for your patience and understanding during the 2016 event.

Without further ado, click here for the schedule!

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Guest Announcement for Anime Fusion 2016

It is my pleasure to inform you that we now have all of our 2016 Anime Fusion Guests of Honor posted to our Guests page!

You can click on the 'Guest' menu option above to view each of the guest's biographies and photos.

We have some new fun things in store for you this year!

Returning Guests...

Samurai Dan and the Lovely Jillian.
Ryan Reynolds!

New to Anime Fusion we have!...

Carrie Savage!
Greg Ayres!
Jennifer Cihi!
Stefanie DeLeo!

Sadly Josh Grelle was to be joining us this year, but a scheduling conflict has made that not possible this year. He will be missed.

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Pre-Registration Ending Soon!

This is a friendly reminder that if you were considering attending and have not yet registered for Anime Fusion 2016, you have until the end of this month to do so! The pre-registration rate for the entire weekend is just $35.

We will also be offering at the door registrations, along with day passes. Prices for those are as follows: $40 for the whole weekend, $15 for Friday, $25 for Saturday, and $10 for Sunday.

Register now and get the best deal!

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Panel Submissions Close 8/15

Reminder: Panel submissions close on August 15th! This is your chance to take an active part in making Anime Fusion a great event by putting your own fun activity on the schedule. Panels can be anything from discussions, to performances, to game shows. If you want to make sure your favorite topic is represented at Fusion, come up with a panel outline and submit it to our Programming staff! All panelists will be notified of the status of their request by August 31st.

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Want to register for a Room Party?

What's a better way to have some fun then to host a Room Party at Anime Fusion. Fill your room with food, music, screenings and much more and share and express your creativity or hobbies by inviting people to join the fun. Space is limited so make sure to sign up so you don't miss out on hosting the best party at the convention.

- Click here for more information.

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Got Art Skills?

Hello Anime Fusion fans!

Are you an artist? Would you like to see your artwork on hundreds of Anime Fusion attendees? We're looking for volunteer artists interested in creating art for this year's convention. We'll be needing several badge designs and a few illustrations for the program guide. If your artwork is chosen for use, you'll receive printed credit as the artist and a free T-shirt or badge for the convention! Email for full details if you're interested.

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First Registration Deadline Approaching

This is a friendly reminder that our first registration deadline is approaching. You have until through June 30th to register at the $30 rate. Starting July 1st, our rate increases to $35.Register now to get the best rate possible!

Hope to see you in October!

The Anime Fusion Registration Team

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Hotel Registration is open!

Hello Attendees!
We thank you for your patience. Hotel registration is now open for Anime Fusion 2016! We must also inform you that this year we will be sharing some of the hotel with a Wedding on Saturday 10/22/16. We ask that attendees please be aware and mindful of the wedding party during Saturday's activities. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

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Artist Alley Applications Closed

Applications for the 2016 Artist Alley are now closed. All artists will be notified of their application's status by Sunday, June 26th.

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Website Downtime Expected

We will be planning scheduled maintenance and upgrades on our website between the hours of 1:00 AM & 5:00 AM CST on June 18th, 2016. During this time frame, services including form submissions and registration may be unavailable. Thank you for your patience during this time while we continue to make your experience with our website even better.

Anime Fusion Webteam

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Dealers Room Applications Open

Applications are now open for the Anime Fusion 2016 Dealers Room! Huzzah! Space is limited, so hurry and get your application in right away because it could close at any minute! See the Dealers Room page for more information and the application form.

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Artist Alley Applications Open

Applications for the 2016 Artist Alley are now open! Applications will be open for two weeks, from June 5th at 10 AM to June 19th at 10 AM. Due to the hotel change as well as various other factors, there are several changes to the process and policies this year. Please be sure to read over all the information on the Artist Alley page of the website before submitting an application, even if you have tabled with us before.

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Panel Submissions Open

Now that we have our new location, panel requests are open! Did you know that most of the programming at Anime Fusion is run by attendees like you? Hosting a panel is the perfect opportunity to discuss your favorite topics with other fans, or even put on a show! The window of time to submit fan-run panels is shorter this year due to the hotel change, so don't miss out. Grab some friends, think it over, and help us put together a great schedule for Anime Fusion 2016! Panel submissions will close on August 15th. See the Panels & Events page for more information and to access the request form.

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It is with great news to announce that we have a new location for Anime Fusion 2016! Our new location will be at the DoubleTree Park Place, located in Saint Louis Park, MN October 21-23 2016. We appreciate and thank you for your patience during this time.

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Location Update

Hello Attendees,

We are currently in the process of finding and finalizing a new location for the hotel that meets our requirements. Once we have more information we will let you know. We apologize for the delays and thank you for your patience during this transition.

Anime Fusion Hotel Staff.

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Video Requests Open

We're still in the process of securing a new venue for Anime Fusion 2016, but in the meantime, video requests are open! Anime conventions are great places to preview shows and find your newest obsession. Is there a series you've been dying to see? An old movie you'd like to see again? Let us know and we'll do our best to show it at the convention!

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We are moving.

Hello everyone!

Due to unforeseen developments, we will be relocating the 2016 Anime Fusion convention.
I'm sure many of you have seen in the local news or have been told by a friend about the sale of the Ramada Bloomington to the city and its impending demolition. This leaves many of us longing and nostalgic for the last four years we've enjoyed the venue.

We of Anime Fusion have some exciting news.

With this said, we of the Convention are in the process of finding a new home for this years Anime Fusion, which will take place over the same dates. Same Fusion time, same Fusion days, new Fusion channel.
Stay with us and check back in for updates to come soon over the next few months, as we keep the ball rolling onward to Anime Fusion 2016: Achievement Unlocked!

Quad Cities Anime:
Anime Fusion, Convention Chairman

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Registration Now Open for Anime Fusion 2016!

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting registrations for our upcoming 2016 convention! Forms and information can be found on our registration page, click the Register link to proceed. As usual, we accept both online and mail in registrations. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Achievement Unlocked: You've earned the five-year convention achievement!

Thank you and hello everyone. Yours truly, Anime Fusion, is now five years old. The three-year itch is now behind us and we are moving into bigger and better things. The hard working staff, which you too could be a part of, is at it again to bring you the best possible convention of animation from Japan. The new and the old together still after all these years… Anime Fusion 2016: Achievement Unlocked, is all about the recognition and reward of the game. Won't you join us for this years convention? That in itself is an achievement. As is bringing the most friends. Achieve everything this year with Anime Fusion! We look forward to seeing you.

Registration opening soon. Keep up to date by checking back here often. The closer October gets, the more information will be presented.

Anime Fusion 2016: Achievement Unlocked!
A production of Quad Cities Anime, Inc. of Minnesota

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Staff Meetings Page Updated!

The Page for Staff Meetings has been updated with all current cycle Convention planning meetings days, times and locations.

Feel free to join us for planning and training of staff this year leading up to the convention. We are always looking for talented individuals to join us in volunteering to make this the best convention and gathering of friends possible. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, our Department Heads would like to speak with you and explore how best you can utilize your skills in the production of our convention. It's not because of the staff that we do this but for the attendees.

Check out the Meetings page for details and directions to the next meeting.

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2015 Program Guide

The full program guide is now available for preview online! There have been some last-minute changes to the schedule, so be sure to review it.

Consider downloading the PDF to your phone to have a digital copy on hand during the convention. ^_^ There will still be printed guides available at the con.

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2015 Convention Schedule

The 2015 schedule is now online! Check it out and start planning your weekend!

The full program guide will be posted online for preview closer to the convention.

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Guest Announcement: Lesley Pedersen

Announcing our final Guest of Honor for 2015: Lesley Pedersen! After recording her first voice work as Emily on "Power Rangers Zeo," Lesley went on to voice several anime characters such as Uno in "Gilgamesh," Elana in "Devil May Cry," and Lorenza in "Le Chevalier D'Eon." See the Guests page for her complete bio:

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Guest Announcement: Chris Rager

Anime Fusion is pleased to announce another Guest of Honor for 2015: Chris Rager! His voice acting credits include Hercule in "Dragonball Z," Mr. Torgue in "Borderlands 2," and the Principal in "Assassination Classroom." See the Guests page for his complete bio:

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Guest Cancellation

Regretfully, Michele Knotz will be unable to attend this year's Anime Fusion. We are in the process of confirming an additional guest.


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