Safety & Accessibility


Operations is responsible for administering the convention’s main office during the event. The Operations room serves as the central communications point for the convention. It functions as Anime Fusion’s lost and found and the primary help desk. Operations is the place to go if you have questions, issues, or concerns during the convention. Operations coordinates closely with the Safety department and Anime Fusion’s leaders during ongoing incidents. 

The Operations room is always a safe space at the convention. If you ever feel harassed or unsafe in any way while attending Anime Fusion, you can come to Operations for assistance. The Operations department also has a hotline you can call or text if you need us to come to you.

If you have general questions about Anime Fusion, try reaching out to the Operations team! If they don’t have the answer, they’ll direct you to the right place.

Quiet ZoneQuiet Zone

Sometimes conventions can be overwhelming, and you need a quiet place to recover. Anime Fusion has a dedicated low-sensory quiet room, close to the rest of the convention but separate from all the action. We provide fidget toys, comfortable seating, and soft low-level lighting to help you relax.


Safety serves as the eyes and ears of Anime Fusion during the convention. Safety personal wander throughout the convention space, observing and interacting with attendees, addressing situations as they arise. They approve props and assist with line control and emergency situations.