Panels & Events

Attendee Panels

Programming is what keeps Anime Fusion busy! It’s everything from guest Q&A sessions to craft workshops. Want to talk about why your favorite show is the best? Looking to demonstrate the uses of different costume prop materials? Want to compare classic action heroes to new action heroes? Submit a panel!

Conventions like Anime Fusion rely on their attendees to fill a large portion of the programming schedule. It’s an easy and fun way to get involved in the convention. Want to host a panel? Visit our Panel Requests page.



Come and sing your heart out with fellow attendees! Revel in the memories, the trends, the hooks, and the melodies that brought you joy, got you through heartache, or pumped you up.

Swap MeetSwap Meet

Bring your stuff and swap it for different stuff! Whether it’s plushies, figures, models, games, toys, cartridges, DVDs, tapes, art, etc – let your items find new life and bring joy to someone else!

No sales allowed – trades only.