Tips & FAQs


Anime conventions are great places to get together with friends and other fans, do cosplay, play games, watch anime, shop, meet industry professionals, and party!

Anime Fusion is a fan-run, volunteer-based, non-profit convention. None of the people who dedicate their time and effort year-round to make this event happen get paid for it — in fact, many of us chip in our own money and supplies to support the convention. Consider helping out by volunteering a few hours of your time at the event. You can earn free stuff, and it’s fun!


Most anime conventions, including Anime Fusion, don’t sell tickets. We sell memberships, which means they are not to be resold or given to someone else. If you buy a membership and find yourself unable to attend, there are transfer and rollover options, but you need to go through the proper process with the Registration department. You and only you can pick up your registration materials at the event if the proper procedures are not followed.

There is pre-registration and at-door registration available. Pre-registering for the event gets you a lower price, and guarantees you will get into the convention even if it sells out. You can pre-register online or by mail during the months leading up to the convention. We do not send out badges in advance — you will pick up your pass at the event. It’s a good idea to bring a printout of your payment receipt or cashed check as proof of your registration in case of clerical error.

If you don’t pre-register, you have the option of buying a membership at the door if we are not sold out. We have weekend memberships and day passes available in the Registration area at the convention. The Registration area is also where pre-registered members can pick up their reserved convention badges. You will need a government-issued photo ID to get your badge.

Your badge is your pass to the convention. It is for you and cannot be shared or sold to others. Your badge should be worn in an obvious place at all times while you are at the event. You will need it to access all the convention areas, and you will be asked to show your badge at certain checkpoints.


Anime conventions are full of fun things to do. You can find details on the various pages of this website. Anime Fusion has video gaming, tabletop (card and board) gaming, contests, panels, anime viewing rooms, room parties, karaoke, nightly dances, and merchandise vendors. All of these activities (except merchandise, of course) are included with your registration.

Certain events are rated 18+. You will need a government-issued photo ID to verify your age before entering the room for these events. Your badge is not sufficient identification in these cases.

We also invite several Guests of Honor every year to meet and sign autographs for our attendees. Usually they are voice actors, directors, artists, translators, or other professionals of the anime or gaming industry. Each Guest of Honor will have panel events (scheduled times to speak to a seated audience) to share their stories with you.


Cosplay is another word for dressing up like your favorite character. It can add a whole new dimension of fun to your convention experience, but it’s also completely optional. If you don’t have a costume, don’t worry. There will be plenty of other people who aren’t in costume.

Whether you dress up or not, be sure to bring a camera. There will be many awesome cosplayers you’ll want to take pictures of. Always ask the cosplayer for permission before taking a photo. It’s the polite thing to do, and it’ll give them a chance to strike an impressive pose for a great shot! Make sure you step to the side of hallways and keep clear of crowded areas while taking photos.

All cosplayers are welcome to enter the Cosplay Contest, which takes place on Saturday evening. There is also a more casual Hall Cosplay contest that anyone can enter. See the Cosplay Contests page for more information.


Anime Fusion currently takes place in a hotel. You do not need a hotel reservation to attend the convention, but if you plan on attending the entire weekend, we strongly recommend it.

Be kind to the hotel and its employees. They are working with us to provide a space and equipment that makes the convention possible. If there is damage to the hotel or other losses, Anime Fusion may be billed for the cost of repairs, which leads to higher registration rates. Please party responsibly and respect the hotel and its property.


We do our best to make Anime Fusion a safe and comfortable place, but all attendees are expected to look after themselves. Get a healthy amount of sleep each night during the convention. Take a shower every day. Our “Con Fuel” room provides free rice, ramen, and other snacks, but it is not a substitute for real meals. Be sure you get enough food and water to keep you going through the weekend. Travel with friends, and make sure they know how to find you in an emergency.

Our Safety team will be roaming the convention in bright green shirts. If you need help from Anime Fusion staff, find one of our Safety members. You can also come to Operations, the convention’s main office. They can help you locate events, find lost items, answer questions, and handle emergencies. Our Safety staff is there to help you, but also to keep the convention running smoothly, so we ask you to follow any instructions they might give you.

If at any time anyone at the convention makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please tell us. We want Anime Fusion to be a safe place for everyone. See our Policies page for more information.