Artist Alley Application

Artist Alley applications are currently CLOSED.

The application period for Anime Fusion 2024 has ended. See you at the convention!

Artist Alley applications are currently OPEN!

Applications for 2024 will be open through 11:59 PM on April 29th. Please read all the information on this page before applying.


Please read carefully, as there have been some changes to our application.

Our AA is split into two main sections: two secured rooms, and some tables in the hallway outside the secured rooms near the dealer hall. Below is a map of where these rooms/hall tables are located:


This year, we are giving you the option to choose whether you would like to have a table in a secured room or in our hallway, or would like to be considered for both. Table prices are as follows:

Hallway: $100
Secured room: $115

Accepted artists will be notified of their placement and billed based upon whether they are approved for a hallway or secured room table. Please specify which you are interested in while applying.

Some things to keep in mind with hallway tables:

  • Artists are NOT required to tear down every night, but they are responsible for securing their own items (Anime Fusion will not be held responsible for lost/stolen/damaged items).

  • Artists are allowed to store items in either of the secured rooms overnight, but must have their items cleared by the time the AA opens to the public each day.

  • There are no outlets in the hallway, so if you need electricity, we highly recommend getting a secured room table. We may be able to provide you with a battery pack for smaller electronic devices, but this is not guaranteed, so it is recommended you bring your own if you choose to be in the hallway.

  • Artists with hallway tables are able to open earlier/stay later outside of AA hours, but we do ask that you be present during open hours.

All artists will be notified of their application status in May. If you have not heard about the status of your application by the end of May, please contact us. Remember to check your spam folder, as sometimes these emails get flagged and sent there by accident.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our Artist Alley head at


Anime Fusion seeks to encourage artists to celebrate what they love while respecting the rights of copyright holders. The Artist Alley is intended for the sale of unique or limited-edition items created by the artist(s) or studio reserving the table. Individuals looking to sell mass-produced merchandise or items created by people other than themselves should apply to the Dealers Room. Jewelry and other craft items are allowed to be sold in the Artist Alley if they are handmade. Prints, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art are permitted within the bounds of the following policies.

  1. Any artwork featuring copyrighted characters that is printed on mass-produced items, such as T-shirts, will be considered bootleg merchandise and also strictly prohibited. Printed fabric is permitted if it is used for items that are individually made by the artist.
  2. Prints of artwork based on copyrighted material that are drawn in the artist’s own style and design must be limited print runs. Items such as buttons and keychains that feature such artwork are permitted if they are in limited quantity and individually made.
  3. Prints or other items featuring entirely original artwork are allowed in any quantity. Unique artwork commissioned by attendees at the convention is also allowed.
  4. The sale of AI-generated images is strictly forbidden in Anime Fusion’s Artist Alley. Individuals found to be in violation of this policy will be ejected from the convention without refund.
  5. Items based on copyrighted material cannot include trademarked text or symbols such as character names, logos, or other official marks (for example, the symbol on the back of Edward Elric’s coat in Fullmetal Alchemist).
  6. All items based on copyrighted material must be easily distinguishable from any licensed merchandise.
  7. All items openly displayed in the Alley must be appropriate for all ages. Any adult material must be kept securely covered and shown only on request to attendees age 18 or older with a valid government-issued ID.

By requesting a table in the Artist Alley, you acknowledge that you alone are responsible for following the above policies and you will be held accountable for any violations. Anyone found to be displaying items for sale in the Artist Alley that violate these policies may be subject to removal from the convention, with their table and badges revoked without refund. Anime Fusion reserves the right to require any artist to remove objectionable items from their table. 

Artist Alley will be located in a secured room that will be open to convention attendees during scheduled hours. Please plan on being present at your table or removing your items to a safe location while the room is open. There are also a few tables in the hall outside the rooms. Artists with hallway tables are responsible for securing their own items. Anime Fusion cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Artists displaying an Artist Alley badge will be allowed early access to the room for setup, and then up to one hour prior to opening and up to one hour after closing each day during the convention. Access will not be permitted outside of those hours for security reasons. 

After the application period ends, all submissions will be reviewed for compliance with the Artist Alley policies. Approved artists will be sorted into categories (i.e. prints, plush, etc) depending on the kind of submissions received. Artists will then be accepted into the Alley in the order in which they applied, until each category is full. The goal is to provide a variety of items in the Artist Alley while allowing for a reasonable application period. We do not judge the quality of your art. There will be a waiting list in addition to the accepted list. Anime Fusion reserves the right to decline any application for any reason. 

All artists will be notified of their application’s status in May. Upon acceptance, you will be sent an invoice that can be paid online or by mail. Final confirmation of your placement in the Artist Alley will be sent after payment is received. Table assignments will be on a first-paid, first-placed basis. Artists can request to be placed next to each other, but we cannot guarantee any such requests. 

The cost of a booth in the 2024 Artist Alley is $100 for a hallway table and $115 for a table in a secured room. Booths include one 8-foot table, two chairs, and two convention badges. The individuals receiving the badges must be age 18 or older. Artist Alley badges allow full access to the rest of the convention; you do not need to register separately. 


Q. Where is the Artist Alley located?
A. The Artist Alley is located in conference rooms B and C.  These rooms are next to each other. There are also a few artist tables in the hall outside the rooms.

Q. Do you allow fan art?
A. Anime Fusion does permit fan art to be sold in the Artist Alley under certain guidelines. Artists must avoid copyrighted logos or symbols, and must draw any characters in their own style and design so they are clearly distinguishable from official merchandise.

Q. Can artists share tables?
A. Yes, if you and another artist would like to split a table that is permitted, but you must make the arrangements yourself. Anime Fusion does not match up artists or manage such agreements.

Q. Can I sell my friend’s art?
A. No, the creator of the artwork must be the one registering for the Artist Alley table and must be present at the convention to take primary responsibility for its sale. The only exception is if multiple artists are part of the same studio; the other studio members are permitted to sell their absent member’s work.

Q. Do you allow A.I. art?
A. No. The sale of AI-generated images is strictly forbidden in Anime Fusion’s Artist Alley.

Q. What if I need more than two badges for my table?
A. Additional Artist Alley badges can be purchased at the current pre-registration price, until pre-registration closes. Artist Alley badges cannot be requested or changed after that date. Artists can have helpers with regular attendee badges, as long as there is also someone with an Artist Alley badge present at all times, but after-hours access to the room will not be granted to anyone without an Artist Alley badge. Please note that space around the tables is limited and no more than 3 chairs will fit behind a table. If you need additional badges or chairs, please request them as early as possible.


Applications for 2024 will be open through 11:59 PM on April 29th.