An eerily exciting new chapter!


Hello everyone!

I wanted to say a hello, welcome, and good to see you. =)

My name is Damarra, and I am the Chairperson for the Anime Fusion convention. I co-Chaired with Heather this past year, which was a phenomenal on-ramp to taking over the convention leadership duties going forward.

Having been a staffer with Fusion for a handful of years, an attendee for longer, and having known so many of the wonderful people that help put this con together for so long, I have had the exceptional chance to incorporate my A.F.-specific knowledge with my 15+ years of convention experience, and insights gained from holding other leadership positions in the community.

With all of that, I am so looking forward to future years of Fusion… from new features we aim to bring you in 2024, building on some new offerings from this past year, and some super exciting changes this year as we do a soft re-brand as an always-on Halloween-themed convention! For any of those feeling apprehension, worry not – we will still be the same Anime Fusion you know and love, with a science overtone. We will always focus on new and old titles and offerings, and we’ll still be centralized around the incredible artistic and storytelling medium that is anime.

Thinking of some of the things we are highly anticipating though is a new cast of mascots; featuring a familiar face with a somewhat different look, a new member, and a couple very special and unique friends! We can’t wait to show them to you! There will also be neat thematic and visual changes to the con, and various aspects leading up to it. I think you’ll be excited when walking through a familiar building with lots of fun and interesting new touches!

We can’t tell you all the new features we have in mind just yet… but we think you’ll love them. From a unique, challenging activity you can play with family and friends, to an authentic Japanese activity that is super fun!

My primary focus and goal for the convention is how to make it better; not just in the activities we provide, but the variety of what we can offer. In the unique findings of our convention versus other events. With the representation and quality of the experiences you’ll have there.

But also in the sense of us – how we function, how we engage with the people and groups around us as a business, and improving the substance of what we can provide.

So a huge thank you to those who have stuck with us over the course of these 11 years, and a big welcome to those who may be new to us! If you have questions, if you want to potentially get involved in helping us put on this crazy event so that we can grow, or if you have suggestions for things you’d like to see from us, reach out!

You can go to to find the team relevant to the topic you’d like to address.

See you soon,
Damarra Atkins (they/them)
Convention Chair