LaRire Cosplay. Cosplay Guest. LaRire Cosplay featuring 3 different outfits.

Guest Announcement: LaRire Cosplay!

LaRire (luh RYE ree) Cosplay is a longtime competitor and contest runner, having won many awards for her performances and craftsmanship capabilities (just ask her about her hand embroidery!) as well as being gifted the opportunity to judge at many Midwest events ranging in size from local 1 day conventions to Colossalcon North. She has been active in the Cosplay community since 2011, and an active competitor from 2013-2019. Since 2019, she has put more focus on her volunteer work for Cosplay departments by either assisting or running local shows. She has supported the community through the years by being a resource for new cosplayers to bounce ideas off of, answering questions as a veteran competitor and long-time performer (since she was 8 years old, back in 1997!) as well as offering help to the conventions she attends. She is really looking forward to meeting all of the contestants, and getting back in the saddle this coming 2024 convention year!