Anime Fusion 2017 | DoubleTree Park Place - St. Louis Park, MN | October 20th - 22nd, 2017
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Anime Fusion is a non-profit convention that is run entirely by volunteers. It takes a lot of dedicated team members to keep Fusion running, and we need your help! Anyone interested in joining staff is invited to attend a staff meeting or contact us by email.

What's the difference between at-con volunteers and staff?

You might have volunteered at a convention before - doing tasks at the event in exchange for prizes. Anime Fusion offers a volunteering program at our convention as well. See the Volunteers page for more information on volunteering at the convention.

Staff, on the other hand, work on the convention year-round. The various departments are responsible for planning every aspect of the convention, from the layout of the rooms to the lighting of the cosplay contest stage. We have monthly staff meetings where we check in on how everything is going and help each other out wherever we can. It's a great way to meet other anime fans in the community and make new friends, while making a direct contribution to a convention you love and helping it run smoothly. If there's something new you'd like to see at Anime Fusion, or something you wish would change, joining staff is the best way to make it happen!

Staff Perks

Staff do not earn prizes like at-con volunteers, but they enjoy several other perks:

- A reduced registration rate of $25 their first year on staff, and comped registration in the following years
- A discounted rate on hotel rooms at the convention venue
- Access to the staff lounge during the convention with snacks and beverages
- An invitation to the Sunday night staff pizza party after the convention
- Ability to run for the Board of Directors and vote in the annual election
- Treats and social time at staff meetings and events throughout the year
- The feeling of accomplishment that comes from working with great people to create something special for your community!

Staff service is also a fun way to earn volunteer hours for your job or school credit, and it looks great on a resume! All staff work pre-scheduled hours at the convention, so you're free to enjoy the event the rest of the weekend. If you want to see Anime Fusion continue to make thousands of anime fans happy for years to come, please consider helping us make it happen. No experience? No problem! Our department heads and other experienced leaders are happy to help train you, and find a place where you can make a valuable contribution. We all started out as volunteers ourselves.

Open Positions

Anime Fusion currently has several departments looking for additional staff.

Artist Alley: Help process artist applications, arrange the booths within the Artist Alley, and check up on our visiting artists during the convention.

Con Fuel: Keep everyone on their feet by preparing snacks and beverages and serving them to our attendees.

Cosplay: Assist in planning and running the Masquerade cosplay contest, arranging cosplay-related programming, and staffing the Cosplay Lounge.

Dealers: Help set up the Dealers Room, keep it running smoothly, and make sure our vendors are taken care of.

Hotel: Act as a liaison between convention staff and the staff of the venue, ensuring all departments have everything they need from the hotel and resolving issues that might arise.

Logistics: Assist in managing QCA's storage unit and property, including checking items in and out throughout the year. Move Fusion's equipment to and from the convention and the various departments that need it.

Marketing: Help promote Anime Fusion at other conventions and events throughout the year as part of our roadshow crew.

Operations: Help staff the convention's main office during the event, relaying messages between departments and managing the Lost and Found.

Programming: Help process panel submissions, make the video room schedule, and keep the panel and video rooms running smoothly during the convention.

Registration: Greet your fellow attendees with a smile as you give them their pass for a weekend of fun! A good entry-level position for those new to staffing conventions.

Room Parties: Serve as a liaison between our valued room party hosts, our venue, and the rest of the convention. Help keep our nightlife safe and fun for everyone.

Tabletop Gaming: Assist our tabletop partner with their needs in running the main Tabletop Gaming room, and help organize and manage attendee-run scheduled games.

Tech: Help set up and run lights and sound in Main Events and our panel rooms. Tech is specifically looking for volunteers with experience in theater sound.

Video Gaming: Help plan, set up, and run our Video Gaming room, including cataloging and checking out games for attendees to play.

Volunteers: Answer questions from attendees at the convention's information desk, and help recruit them to volunteer like you!

Contact Us

If you have questions, want more information, or would like to sign up, join us at a staff meeting or contact our Volunteers department at You can find our meeting schedule here: Staff Meetings

We look forward to working with you!