Anime Fusion 2017 | DoubleTree Park Place - St. Louis Park, MN | October 20th - 22nd, 2017

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  • Anime Fusion 2018: Mad Science!

    Anime Fusion fans,

    We've heard your feedback over the last couple of years and we take all of your comments seriously. Our top priority is to provide the best event we can for you, our community. After last year we decided to examine all our options and make sure we're at the best available venue for Anime Fusion. We're in the last stages of contract negotiations to make sure everything is in place, but in the meantime, announcements for 2018 have been delayed.

    There will absolutely be a convention this year! We're aiming for the same weekend as usual, October 19-21. We've already started planning the event, but official announcements have to wait until the contract is finalized and signed. We're still here and still working toward a better Anime Fusion. If you're going to Anime Milwaukee or MarsCon, you can chat with us there (and get a discount on registration!). We're grateful for your patience, and looking forward to hosting you all again this October.

    Heather Bufkin
    Convention Chair
    Anime Fusion 2018

  • Anime Fusion 2017 Photos are Done!

    Photos from our wonderdul photoshoots are now up.

    Take a look on our SmugMug page found here!

  • Thank you for attending Anime Fusion 2017

    Thank you all who attended Anime Fusion 2017. We appreciate every person who spent the weekend or even a single day with us. We want to take this time to hear from you, whether good, bad or indifferent. Please share your experiences with the convention this weekend. We take this feedback each year to improve the convention experience from every angle. Your input is important regardless of the role you had with us this weekend so we hope to hear from you!

    Our feedback form can be found here:

  • Program Guide Up And Ready!

    Can you believe there's only a week until #AnimeFusion2017?  We personally can't wait for you all to arrive.  

    While you're making your last minute touches on your cosplay, take a look at our full program guide.  The schedule has been available for about a week; but now you have the chance to read any details on events you may be interested in.  You'll also find the hours of operation for departments such as Registration, and Con Fuel.  You can find the program guide by following this link :

    We also suggest downloading the guide to your phone for easy access during the convention.  

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of marketing

  • Parking Update

    Hey guys! We just wanted to remind everyone that parking is limited; so if you can carpool, you should! If not, we totally understand. There are a couple options for overflow parking. The first option is Lakeshore Learning Center's lot located at 5699 W 16th St, St Louis Park. The second option you have is the West End Shopping Center's ramp and underground parking. Of course, the Double Tree has it's own lot; so get their early to get a good parking space!

    Meghan Wanovich
    Head of Marketing

  • Time To Start Planning Your Convention

    Hey guys! The programming schedule is now live! That means you can look to see what panels, or anime showings, that you'd like to go to. We always suggest that you make a plan, so that you can go to as many events as possible; but going with the flow is great too. Either way, you should for sure take a look at what awesome events will be at #AnimeFusion2017!

    Click this link to view our 2017 schedule:

    Meghan Wanovich
    Head of Marketing

  • Last Chance for Pre-Registration

    Just a friendly reminder that pre-registration closes TOMORROW. You can save yourself 10 dollars by registering now instead of at the door; and you'll be guaranteed that a badge will be waiting for you.

    Don't miss your chance, use the link below!

  • Cosplay Contest Update

    Are you planning on entering the cosplay competition this year? If so, we've got some updates for you. There seems to have been a slight mix up this year, and there will no longer be a time limit of 1 minute and 30 seconds. The allotted time for entries will now be up to 2 minutes. However, for the 2018 convention the time limit will be reduced to 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at

    Meghan Wanovich
    Head of Marketing

  • Room Parties Wanted!

    Interested in running a room party?

    Anime Fusion is looking for interested attendees to to run a room party at the convention. Throw a dance party or themed party of your choice. We look forward to seeing you apply your own style.

    look here for more details or to apply:


    Cohead of Room Parties

  • In Search of More Art!

    Calling all artists! We here at Anime Fusion are in need of more art! This time, we are looking for art for badges, and Program Guide. If you've participated in our art contests before, then you know that the prize is well worth it. You can win a free badge to our convention this year; plus your art and name of choice will be displayed for everyone to see!
    Below are some details on what it is we need: (Please note that the final version of each piece must be digital art with clean lines. We require photoshop format and prefer layers.)

    For all categories, we would like you to submit a simple line sketch of your concept. You can send all inquiries and submissions to . Our main color is a light blue. The exact hexadecimal is #03cee9. Please contact for a file of our mascots. These should be included in your designs.

    Badge Art:

    Anime Fusion uses multiple categories of badges, each with its own design. The submitted artwork is overlaid on a background by our badge designer; so all artwork must be in a layered photoshop format with transparency. Most badge art consists of a character dressed and/or acting in someway that relates to the convention or this year's theme. This year's theme is "Racing Through Time." The artwork should also mesh well with the different background colors of the badge. The different badge categories are:
    Adult (Blue)
    Minor (Yellow)
    Artists (Purple)
    Dealer (Green)
    Guest (Pink)
    Sponser (Gray)
    Staff (Black)
    Try to avoid a design that requires the art to be nested in the corner(s) of the badge. It should be free-standing, or along the bottom is also fine. Badges will be 4" wide by 3" tall, in landscape. 2550x1950 pixels. Artwork should be made to accommodate this size or larger (can reduce to fit layout if necessary). Credit for artwork used will be printed on the back of each badge in the credits section.


    We'd like to liven up our program guide a bit with small illustrations scattered throughout the guide. These would ideally be related to the different areas of the convention that are featured in the guide. For example, on the Dealers Room page, we could have a character carrying a bag of plushies. The current sections of the program guide are:

    The Reactor Lounge (casual hangout space)
    Hospitality (rice, ramen, and other snacks)
    Tabletop gaming
    Video gaming
    Dealers Room
    Artist Alley
    Masquerade (cosplay contest)
    Room parties
    Autograph sessions
    Video rooms

    These drawings need to be in grayscale with a transparent background. Basic lineart is also acceptable for this. Everyone whose artwork is used will be credited in the program guide.

    Concepts need to be in our mailbox by September 3rd. We will make a decision on what art we want to use in that next week and then contact you. Please include a good email to contact you at.

    Good luck to everyone! We can't wait to see your concepts!
    Meghan Wanovich
    Head of Marketing


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