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  • Guest Announcement: Morgan Berry!

    We're excited to announce that the guest announcements keep coming! Today we are happy to announce that Morgan Berry will be attending this year! 


    Morgan is a voice actor known for her variety of roles. As for anime, she is known for her work in My Hero Academia (Thirteen), One Piece (Sharley), Sword Art Online: Gun Gale (Tanya/ Risa Kusunoki), Love Live! Sunshine!! (Yoshiko Tsushima), and more. Morgan also lends her voice to video games and even web series! She also is a professional singer and Youtube personality. To read Morgan's full bio, click here.


    Don't forget: pre-registration prices go up in just 5 days! On July 1st prices will go up $5. Get your badge now, and save! Click here to register now. Remember to follow us on social media to keep up to date with all things Anime Fusion. Find us at @AnimeFusionCon on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat! 


    We'll see you all, and Morgan Berry, in October!

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • Video Game Tournaments and Requests

    "Who wants to play video games?" 


    Our Video Gaming department just announced what tournaments will be held this year. First up on Friday, we have a Mod Nation Racers track construction event. This event will also have a follow up tournament on Sunday Afternoon. Then on Saturday, controllers will collide as we fight to the end of our stock life in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We encourage our players to bring their own consoles; so that we can keep the fun going! This tournament will be Swiss style. That means you can't get eliminated even when you lose a battle!


    We also have our video game request form open. Besides tournaments we bring together consoles and arcade cabinets to create a video game heaven. We want you to tell us what you'd like us to bring this fall. What games do you love? Haven't played a certain game in forever? We'll try our best to bring it to you! If you have a request, head over here.


    Remember to follow us on social media at @AnimeFusionCon! We're always here if you have any questions too.


    Have a great Tuesday!

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing


  • Guest Announcement: Clarine Harp!

    We've got some special news to hopefully get you out of your Monday slump. Another guest has just been confirmed for Anime Fusion 2019: Infinite Possibilities! 


    We're elated to announce that Clarine Harp will be joining us this October! She's a real hard hitter in the anime industry. She voice acts, writes translations and subtitles, edits, authors DVDs and Blu-Rays, plans for content, does quality control, and much more! Chances are if you own a disc from Funimation, she's helped with it in some way or another. 

    Clarine is known for her rolls in Hetalia(China), Burst Angel(Sei), Shin Chan(Mrs. Katz), Sekirei(Haihane), One Piece(Miss Monday, Ran, Bachina), Jormungand(Chequita), and many more! To read her full biography, click here. We can't wait to see what kind of awesome panels she brings to us this fall!


    Remember to follow us on social media to stay up to date with all your Anime Fusion news. Follow us on Facebook for industry news, featured artists, and all around anime goodness too! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at @AnimeFusionCon. Have a question? You can always message us on Intagram or Facebook for a quick response. We generally get back to you within the hour! 

    One more thing! Don't forget badge prices go up soon. Remember to register by the end of June 30th to get our lowest online price!


    Have a great week!

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • Fusion Friday: Guest Announcement #1!

    Happy Fusion Friday to you all! We hope you're surviving this heat. We have an awesome announcement today! Our first guest is ready to be brought into the spotlight. *drumroll please* It's Samurai Dan and Jillian...and (who could forget) Kiba!


    We're happy to announce that Samurai Dan and Jillian, and their wonderful service dog Kiba, will be joining us again for Anime Fusion 2019: Infinite Possibilities! If you've never seen this dynamic duo, you're in for a treat. Is it comedy? Is it martial arts? No! It's Martial Mayhem! They'll keep you entertained with their high energy acts. They'll teach you something new with their informative panels. Best of all, you'll probably get to pet their dog. To read more on Samurai Dan and Jillian, click here.


    We can't wait to see Samurai Dan and Jillian this year! We'll see you all in October! Remember to follow us on social media for more updates, anime news, and general anime awesomeness. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at @AnimeFusionCon.


    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • 2019 Art Contest Revision

    Want another chance to win a FREE BADGE? We have some new information about the 2019 art contest! In addition to badge, program cover/t-shirt, and inside the program guide art we are now looking for a special button art! This button will serve as our sponsor button. Each year sponsors get special perks and a goodie bag filled with Anime Fusion merchandise! For the last couple years, we have been providing a special button that sponsors get in their goodie bag. Our new Merchandise head, Brynn, has decided to bring it back! The size we generally do for this design is 2.25 inches. When making this design try to think of something that fits with our theme and also uses one or more of our mascots. Mascots outfits can be changed too! They just need to be recognizable as the same person. We are looking for a sketch at the moment, but after the deadline the winner will be contacted for the full design. We greatly appreciate a PSD with layers. Backgrounds are not necessary as our designers can create those; but if you would like to add one, go right ahead. Just make sure that all elements are on layers. Sketches submited do not have to be PSDs. These can be just simple scans or a JPG image.


    If you missed our mascots, we'll be posting them to our social medias again due to the revision. Please look for them on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at @AnimeFusionCon. If you don't have those, feel free to email us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net and we can send you a handy PDF with them all. When you're done and want to submit your design you can email us at that same email with the file. You can submit as many as you'd like; and you can enter our other categories too if you would like! The post for that should be right beneath this one. 


    Please note that any finished artwork submitted to us will become the property of Anime Fusion. It can be included in your portfolio, but not used for any other purpose outside of the convention. If any of your finished artwork is chosen for use you will be credited for your work, and given a badge as a token of our thanks. 


    Remember, send us your sketches before the deadline which is June 21st! If you have any questions at all, please email us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net or DM us on any of our social medias.

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • Fusion Friday: 2019 Art Contest!

    Happy Fusion Friday! Today we will be talking about the yearly art contest we run. Every year, we look for a local artist to create our badge, t-shirt/program guide, and additional program guide art for us. We reward the winners (every art that we choose to use) with a free badge to the upcoming convention! We also give you credit in the program guide (and on the back of the badge for the badge art winner). This is a great chance for just starting out artists to get their name out there! Keep reading below for more information on specifics and how to enter!


    You can submit artwork for as few or as many uses as you like. Please note that the final version of each piece must be digital art with clean lines in order for us to use it. Photoshop format with layers is preferred.


    We will make an effort to use as much of the finished artwork that is submitted to us as we can, whether in other merchandise, signage, or parts of the program guide, but we don't want anyone to sink a bunch of work into finishing something huge that doesn't get chosen for its intended purpose. To that end, we would like you to submit simple sketches of your plan for each piece by June 21st so we can choose which art will be used for which purpose.. We're all looking forward to seeing what you come up with!





    Anime Fusion uses multiple categories of badges, each with its own design. The submitted artwork is overlaid on a background created by our badge designer, so all artwork must be in layered Photoshop format with transparency. Most badge art consists of a character/one of our mascots dressed and/or acting in some way that relates to the convention or its current theme. This year's theme is "Infinite Possibilities". This theme idea started as superheroes and evolved into Infinite Possibilities. We wanted to have this theme instead to show that anyone can do anything. The color scheme of the artwork should mesh well with the background color of the badge. We have two new categories of badges, so please read even if you have entered previously! The different badge categories are:


    Adult (Blue)

    Minor (Yellow)

    Child (Red)

    Artist (Purple)

    Dealer (Green)

    Exhibitor (Orange)

    Guest (Pink)

    Sponsor (Gray)

    Staff (Black)


    Try to avoid a design that requires the art to be nested in the corner(s) of the badge. It should be free-standing, or along the bottom is also fine. Badges will be 4" wide by 3" tall, in landscape. 2550x1950 pixels. Artwork should be made to accommodate this size or larger (can reduce to fit layout if necessary). Credit for artwork used will be printed on the back of each badge in the credits section; and in the program guide.





    We'd like to liven up our program guide a bit with small illustrations scattered throughout the guide. These would ideally be related to the different areas of the convention that are featured in the guide. For example, on the Dealers Room page, we could have a character carrying a bag of plushies. The current sections of the program guide are: 




    The Reactor Lounge (casual hangout space)

    Hospitality (rice, ramen, and other snacks)

    Tabletop gaming

    Video gaming


    Dealers Room

    Artist Alley

    Masquerade (cosplay contest)

    Room parties

    Autograph sessions


    Video rooms


    These drawings need to be in grayscale with a transparent background. Basic lineart is also acceptable for this. Everyone whose artwork is used will be credited in the program guide.




    These two count as the same category as we use the same art for each.  Our program guide is 8.5" X 5.5". We can size up for t-shirt art; so please stay to these dimensions. This is our big yearly art, so it should really have a bang to it. Remember, our theme is Infinite Possibilities. As mentioned above, it started as an idea about superheroes and moved into a more diverse direction. Again, we just want line art at first as we know this is a bigger undertaking and will require more effort. Please try to limit your design to fewer than 12 colors if possible. This should try to feature our main mascots. You can find our mascots on Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net.




    There are always a few unexpected things that pop up that could use fresh artwork. For example, we might create some new merchandise or special signage. I can't say exactly what we might need, but if you have any random ideas, feel free to submit sketches for other designs aside from the specific ones we're looking for. 



    Again, you can submit artwork for as many or as few of the above items as you like. Please use the Anime Fusion mascot characters in as much of your artwork as possible. You can find the mascots by visiting our Facebook or Instagram, or by emailing us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net. You are free to draw the characters in your own style, with different clothing etc, as long as they are recognizable as our mascots. The third mascot (with green hair and the purple tanktop) is most often used to represent convention staff.


    Please note that any finished artwork submitted to us will become the property of Anime Fusion. It can be included in your portfolio, but not used for any other purpose outside of the convention. If any of your finished artwork is chosen for use you will be credited for your work, and given a badge as a token of our thanks. 


    Please email us with finished sketches or any questions at all at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net. You can find all our mascot art on our Facebook or Instagram; or by emailing us at AF_Marketing@AnimeFusion.net.


    Good Luck!

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • Room Party Submissions Open!

    Are you a party host? Interested in running a room party? Apply now! Every year our room party hall is filled with fun parties for all ages. We have parties with anime and snacks; and parties with alcohol and dancing! Hosting a party is fun; and you get to meet a lot of people. Just take it from us! We run room parties at Mars Con, Anime Detour, and Convergence. 


    Have questions about running a room party? Ready to submit your party idea? Head here to view our overview, FAQ, and apply!


    So who runs Parties? That would be Spencer Barton. He's been doing this job for as long as we can remember! 


    Remember to follow us on social media to get all the latest updates! You can also always direct message us if you have any questions. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at @AnimeFusionCon.


    Enjoy this great weather we're having today!

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • Panel Submissions Open!

    Do you like performing? Are you super passionate about a certain topic? Well then you should run a panel! Most of our programming is fan run. That means people just like you. We have a variety of panels apply each year. Panels are a fun way to make friends who have similar interests as you too! If you have an idea for a panel, submit it here. Have any questions about running a panel? You can email our programming department at Prog@AnimeFusion.net


    We couldn't run this show without the fans; so thank you! Remember to follow us on social media to get all the latest news. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at @AnimeFusionCon. If you ever have any Anime Fusion related questions feel free to send us a direct message on any of our social medias.


    Go soak up the sun before it's gone! 

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • Fusion Friday: Artist Alley Applications Now Open!

    It's Fusion Friday! Today we're going to talk about Artist Alley.

    Artist Alley applications are now open for 2019. They will be open until June 3rd at 11:59 PM. Please be sure to read all the rules and the FAQ. We do have a contract that you will be sent as soon as you are accepted into the alley as well. If you're ready to apply, please head over here. You will find all the rules there as well as a link to our FAQ. If you have any questions at all, please email our Artist Alley team at AF_ArtistAlley@animefusion.net


    So who runs our Artist Alley? How do artists get approved? Great questions! Our Artist Alley is headed by Meghan Wanovich. The sub head is Jennifer Deyo. Together these two fill our Alley and make sure our artists are well taken care of. The approval process is pretty simple. We run our Alley on a first come first serve basis...but we add a little twist to that. If we took every artist that applys on that alone we would have a very skewed amount of products. Our goal is to bring variety to our attendees. What we do is break our Alley into 5 categories. The categories are: Prints, Buttons/Charms, Plush/Fabric, Original Art, and Special. Most of these are self explanitory. We get the most questions about the special category. Special could be anything from soap to chain maille. Anything that does not fit in another category is special. After we fill up each category with the accepted applicants, we then fill up each category with their own waitlist. That means if a plush artist were to drop out, we would fill it with another plush artist instead of say a print artist. Meghan and Jen get together and go through every application until accepted and waitlist are filled. They look at every photo and website sent to make sure that our attendees have a great experience. Then, acceptance letters (and waitlist and denial letters) are sent out along with contracts. Pretty simple right? 

    We hope you enjoyed this episode of Fusion Friday! Make sure to follow us on social media for all the latest news! Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can all be found at @AnimeFusionCon.


    Have a great weekend!

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing

  • Fusion Friday: Now Accepting Dealer's Applications!

    Hey guys! If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen our popular segment by the name Fusion Friday. We've decided to bring that over to our website and other medias too! Be sure to stop back every Friday for a tidbit of knowledge about Anime Fusion!


    This Friday, we're going to talk about our Dealer's room. We've just opened up our application form; so if you're a vendor head over here to apply today!

    We all know that you can get a ton of goodies in our Dealer's room, but do you know anything about our awesome staff who run the room? Emily Kringle is the head of our Dealer's space. She works very hard to bring all of us fans the best room full of goodies all year round. 

    What else can you find in the Dealer's room? You can find Ambassadors of course! Ambassadors are other conventions from the area that come to spread the word about their convention at Anime Fusion. They usually sell their merchandise and registration; and sometimes even will throw a discount onto your registration just for coming to see them! This alley of convention tables is put together by our Marketing head, Meghan Wanovich. She travels the midwest looking for the best of the best to bring back to our home. Anime is a community after all!


    Have any questions? Feel free to send your questions to our social media! We're on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat! All @AnimeFusionCon. If you don't have social media but have a Dealer's specific question, feel free to email Emily at af_dealers@animefusion.net. You can also find all other department emails under our contact us tab.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Meghan Wanovich

    Head of Marketing


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