Anime Fusion 2022 will be held October 21-23, at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West in Plymouth, MN.

Mail-In Pre-Registration: CLOSED
Online Pre-Registration: CLOSED

Anyone who has not pre-registered will be able to register at the door.


Anyone attending the Anime Fusion convention must register for a membership badge. There are several registration options available.


Adults and minors can pre-register at discounted rates in advance of the convention. Children ages 5 and under are FREE and do not need to register for a badge, although we do recommend requesting a free Child badge for your young children for emergency contact purposes.

Our rates for Anime Fusion 2022 are as follows:

  • Early Bird Pre-Registration through December 31st: $25
  • Standard Pre-Registration through June 30th: $35
  • Standard Pre-Registration July 1st – September 30th: $40
  • Early Bird Family Pack – One Child through December 31st: $50
  • Family Pack – One Child through June 30th: $60
  • Family Pack – One Child July 1st – September 30th: $65
  • Early Bird Family Pack – Two Children through December 31st: $75
  • Family Pack – Two Children through June 30th: $85
  • Family Pack – Two Children July 1st – September 30th: $90
  • Sponsorship (pre-registration only, through Sept. 30th): $100

Walk-up (at the door) rates:

  • Day Passes: Friday: $30 / Saturday: $35 / Sunday: $20
  • Full Weekend: $50
  • Family Pack – One Child, Full Weekend: $75
  • Family Pack – Two Children, Full Weekend: $100

Pre-register early for the best price!


We also offer a Family Pack, which offers one full weekend adult membership at the current registration price, plus one or two minor memberships (children’s, ages 6-12 only) for a discounted price of $25 each. This is designed for families who attend the convention together.

NOTE: Memberships in this bundle can NOT be upgraded (the child badges cannot be converted to adult badges).

  • Early Bird Family Pack – One Child through December 31st: $50
  • Family Pack – One Child through June 30th: $60
  • Family Pack – One Child July 1st – September 30th: $65
  • Early Bird Family Pack – Two Children through December 31st: $75
  • Family Pack – Two Children through June 30th: $85
  • Family Pack – Two Children July 1st – September 30th: $90

Children ages 5 and under are FREE and do not need to register for a badge, although we do recommend requesting a free Child badge for your young children for emergency contact purposes. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times.


Group Registrations are available for groups of 8 people or more. We offer $5 off the current individual registration price for group registrations. Please click here for more information about group registration.


If you are unable to attend Anime Fusion in person, we have a virtual membership option that gives you online access to a selection of streamed programming throughout the convention weekend at a discounted price. Click here for more information about virtual attendance.


Anime Fusion also offers a shopping pass for those who only want to visit our vendors in the Dealers Room and Artist Alley. Shopping passes can be upgraded to full-access convention badges during normal Registration hours. Click here for more information about our Shopping Pass.


Badges are not mailed or emailed in advance. You will pick up your pass at the door. If you have not pre-registered, you can buy a pass at the convention. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards, although cash is the quickest way to get through the line.

Registration Hours:
Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 7 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Registration is located in the Fireside Lounge just off of the hotel lobby. After hours, you can pick up or purchase a weekend pass in Operations. Day passes and family packs cannot be bought outside of Registration hours.


  • You are purchasing a membership, NOT a ticket.
  • All members are to abide by convention rules at all times.
  • Your badge must be visibly displayed while in convention spaces.
  • As part of your membership, you agree to having your image and likeness being used in any convention-related photo or video.
  • Anime Fusion staff reserves the right to remove any person from the convention for any reason.
  • Your badge is for you. You may not sell, rent, or otherwise give your badge to anyone else. The person whose name appears on it is the owner, regardless of who actually paid for it.
  • Unauthorized reproduction membership badges is a violation of United States copyright law and carries severe criminal penalties.
  • Anime Fusion reserves the right to refuse to process any illegible/incomplete registrations. They will be returned to the sender for corrections.
  • All mail-in pre-registrations must be postmarked by September 15th. Any received with a postmark after that will be returned to the sender.


Q. Do I need to register?
Every person that wants to attend Anime Fusion must register for the event. This includes volunteers and staff. A registration form must be filled out for each person attending. The form must be completely filled out and legible. Anime Fusion is not responsible for incorrect information due to illegible, incorrect, or incomplete forms.

Q. Can I register when I arrive at the convention?
A. We intend to offer walk-up registrations and day passes, however, this cannot be guaranteed and at-the-door registrations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. A sellout is always possible!

Q. Do I need a badge?
A. At any time that you are going to be in convention space or functions, you are required to have your badge on you and visible at all times. We reserve the right to deny access to convention areas to those who are not showing their badge.

Q. What can I have for a badge name?
A. You can use any name you want as long as it’s not obscene or offensive. Kanji or other special characters are not allowed. The head of registration has the final say on badge names. If we determine that the badge name you entered on your registration form is inappropriate, we will change it to your first name. Blank badge names are not allowed and will be set to your first name. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q. Can I share my badge with someone else?
A. No. Each person must fill out a registration form and pay the fee for their own badge. Anyone caught using someone else’s badge is subject to removal from the con without refund. Anime Fusion reserves the right to ban violators from future conventions.

Q. How do I register in a group?
A. Group registrations are available for groups of 8 or more people. Each person registering as part of a group will receive $5 off the current registration price. Group registrations are available as mail-in only. The registrations must be mailed in by September 15th . To register as a group, have the group leader fill out the group registration form and list of group registrants and include them with the group members’ registration forms and payment. All forms and the full amount due must be submitted together. See the Group Registration page for full instructions.

Q. Why must the group leader be 18 or older?
A. The group leader must be at least 18 years of age so they are able to act as an emergency contact for group members who are under the age of 18. Photo ID must also be shown to pick up the badges at the convention.

Q. What payments do you accept?
A. For online registrations, we accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. For mail, we accept checks and money orders made payable to Quad Cities Anime, Inc.. We will also be accepting cash, checks, and credit cards at the door as well.

Q. I registered and now I can’t attend. What can I do?
A. We do not offer refunds; however, you may be able to transfer your registration to another person or roll it over to a future year’s con. For information about transfers and rollovers, please see our Transfers and Rollovers page.

Q. I want to transfer my badge to someone else. Can I do that?
A. Yes, you may be able to. Please refer to our Transfers and Rollovers page for more information.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. No. We do not offer refunds. If you cannot attend, you may be able to transfer your membership to someone else or roll it over to the next year’s con. You are only able to roll over a registration to the following year once.

Q. My phone number or address has changed since I registered. What can I do?
A. No problem. You can email the registration department for assistance. You will need to provide the original full name, address, phone number, email address, and badge name as proof that the registration is yours, along with what you want changed. We reserve the right to not change information on registrations if an individual cannot prove it is theirs. Note that no changes may be made after the final pre-registration deadline.

Q. What can I do if I have lost my badge?
A. If you lose your badge, you may purchase a replacement by paying a lost badge fee. Refunds are not offered if you find your original badge; you should check with Operations before purchasing a new badge to see if yours was found. With that said, your badge is your responsibility; treat it as if it were your wallet.

Q. Do you offer press or media badges?
A. No. We keep registration simple. If you would like to attend, please register early to get the best deal possible.

Q. What is a Sponsor membership?
A. A Sponsor membership provides Anime Fusion with additional funds to make the convention better for everyone. In thanks, we give our sponsors additional perks that may include: 

  • A special badge
  • Reserved seating for all main events
  • A best-effort bump to the front of all lines at the convention, including lines for panels and gaming events
  • An Anime Fusion T-shirt
  • Early access to the Dealers Room
  • A prepaid ticket for the Kitaku Maid & Butler Cafe
  • A reserved Meet & Greet session with our Guests of Honor
  • A goodie bag of surprise gifts
  • Our undying gratitude!


Pre-registration will be open until September 30th online. Mail-in registrations must be submitted by September 15th.

Mail-In Pre-Registration: CLOSED
Online Pre-Registration: CLOSED

Registration will be available at the event.

Questions? Email our Registration department.

The information on this page is from the 2022 convention. It will soon be updated for the 2023 event.